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December 18, 2006

Vol.195 / No.20
Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenDecember 18, 2006

On Friday evenings in the early 1950’s, after the dinner dishes had been washed, dried and put away, our family would be joined by our friends and neighbors, the Scaras, in front of our 12-inch Crosley console to watch a couple of hours of television. The first program of the evening, and my f

George B. WilsonDecember 18, 2006

Every year, as dioceses struggle to meet to the need for priests to pastor the growing Catholic population in the United States, the bishops import more priests from other countries. While the practice varies by diocese, in the aggregate it grows apace. It seems so far to be a helpful stopgap


Church Groups Resist Contraceptive MandateClaiming that New York’s highest state court erred on several counts in upholding a state mandate that would require religious organizations to provide contraceptive prescription coverage for their employees, eight Catholic and two Protestant groups ha

The Word
Daniel J. HarringtonDecember 18, 2006

Luke rsquo s Gospel has been described as the most beautiful book ever written One reason for that description is its infancy narrative with its familiar biblical language attractive characters and subtle theology Deliberately imitating the style of the Old Testament historical books Luke portr

Michael ShifterDecember 18, 2006

From 2006, a survey of the complicated political picture in Venezuela, Nicaragua and elsewhere

Current Comment
The EditorsDecember 18, 2006

Papal DiplomacyThe visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Turkey in the final days of November was by far the most challenging of any of the trips undertaken thus far by the pope. It was this pope’s first visit to a Muslim country and came after the Muslim world had been angered by his now-famous allus

Paul MarianiDecember 18, 2006

From house to house he treks, and inn to inn, the feral dogs