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June 5, 2006

Vol.194 / No.20
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The EditorsJune 05, 2006

The Commencement SeasonIn the final weeks of May, on campuses across the nation, tens of thousands of newly minted graduates gratefully clutched their diplomas and patiently listened to the exhortation of the commencement speaker. In future years, few of the graduates will remember the content of th

John D. Hagen, Jr.June 05, 2006

The Da Vinci Code is a systematic attack on the divinity of Jesus Christ. The book’s author, Dan Brown, pursues his quarry with an obsessiveness that overrides good storytelling technique. And Brown’s characters (supposedly in mortal danger, always just one step ahead of being captured)


I like this book And this troubles me Being Catholic How We Believe Practice and Think was originally a series of articles that Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk wrote for the Cincinnati archdiocesan paper The Catholic Telegraph Pilarczyk has revised the articles into a book for a wider market Let m

Terry GolwayJune 05, 2006

Back in the day, when everybody was 12 years oldwell, that’s how it seemed to mewe had a colorful expression designed to convey our undiluted skepticism of a peer’s ill-considered and overly ambitious plans. O.K., we’d say, it’s your funeral. It was a handy way to distance ou

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The Eucharist is a profound mystery with many different aspects As the sacrament of ongoing Christian life the Eucharist is a commemoration of Passover participation in the life of Jesus the memorial of his passion and death a meal with the risen Christ and a sign of hope for the coming kingdom

Peter C. ErbJune 05, 2006

The Perkiomen valley, some 40 miles north of Philadelphia, may initially appear to have little to connect it with The Da Vinci Code. But travel there to the small town of Pennsburg, Pa., and mention St. Sulpice or Opus Dei in the local diner and you are likely to receive a surprising response. Nothi

The EditorsJune 05, 2006

The recent letter from Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President George W. Bush raises an important question: Does an interlocutor have to have clean hands in order for his or her words to be worthy of consideration? The actions of Iran’s leader certainly give the world much caus