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March 27, 2006

Vol.194 / No.11

Conscience Must Concur With Moral PrinciplesResponding to a recent statement by Catholic Democrats in the House of Representatives affirming the primacy of conscience in their voting decisions, three key leaders of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said conscience must be consistent with funda

Our readersMarch 27, 2006

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I loved the editorial, The Meanest Cities (3/6). It reminded me of when I was stationed in New York City during one of the coldest periods in history and Mayor Edward Koch challenged the churches and synagogues to allow the homeless to sleep in these sacred places.

Olga BonfiglioMarch 27, 2006

As if religion did not have enough problems Sam Harris in The End of Faith condemns the three great Abrahamic religions as the cause of violence and war in the world A little shocking and indeed offensive to people who try to get through life rsquo s daily trials in a moral and faith-filled way T

John Baptist OdamaMarch 27, 2006

How and why did the massive displacement of almost two million people into camps begin? The government’s forced displacement of most of the population of northern Uganda from the villages in my area, the Gulu Province, began in 1996. It was intended as a way to isolate the rebels—es

Current Comment
The EditorsMarch 27, 2006

Fresh Canadian AirThe Canadian Religious Conference, which represents more than 200 orders of men and women, in January presented to the bishops of Canada an exhaustive analysis of the situation of the church in that country. They outlined points of satisfaction and regret, and provided a wish-list

Faith in Focus
Margaret SilfMarch 27, 2006

It was a fascinating little church, tucked away in the back streets of Toronto. The guide pointed out with pride the frescoes and the stained glass windows of this hidden jewel. We arrived at a three-panelled window right at the back of the building. This is Faith, Hope and Charity,’ she said,

Dennis HammMarch 27, 2006

Sometimes a pope, a bishop or a national conference of bishops will issue a challenging statement on a matter of public policy. Topics like capital punishment, abortion, economic justice and the pre-emptive use of military force come readily to mind. Those who object to such interventions by religio