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December 5, 2005

Vol.193 / No.18

FEMA Gave Bishops Runaround on DisasterChurch officials got the runaround from the Federal Emergency Management Agency when they wanted to know what federal plans were for helping the regions devastated by Hurricane Katrina, said the head of the bishops’ hurricane relief task force. The harsh

Philip CrispinDecember 05, 2005

Scholars have long noted a religious quality in Shakespeare rsquo s drama in which human histories are magnified through symbolic rites of passage sacramental language and ritual We witness life death and resurrection in his plays Over the past decade scholarly attention has focused on Shakespe

James Martin, SJDecember 05, 2005

Members of the Society of Jesus are often accused of excessive pride in their order and its history. This can be a fair critique. Sometimes, for example, Jesuits speak as if St. Ignatius Loyola were the first Christian to discover prayer. Not long ago at a retreat house, I gave a talk about Ignatian

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJDecember 05, 2005

"Spots of time" is what the poet William Wordsworth called those places that imprint themselves so deeply into our minds that simply remembering them can lift our hearts - in other words, holy places. I thought about that phrase as I left Kentucky last month after visiting the Abbey of Get

Mary Soon LeeDecember 05, 2005

The Silk Road never came to Cleveland.

Gerald OCollinsDecember 05, 2005

From its opening session in October 1962 until its close 40 years ago in December 1965, the Second Vatican Council held millions of Catholics and others riveted. Pope John XXIII, who convoked the council only 90 days after he was elected, hoped that it would update the Catholic Church, renew it spir

Kristin Shrader-FrechetteDecember 05, 2005

Consider that cancer is the leading killer of Americans under age 85 that 40 percent of victims are under 65 and that for 25 years childhood cancers have been increasing 1 4 percent annually mostly because of environmental contaminants If the National Institutes of Health are right industrial to