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October 17, 2005

Vol.193 / No.11
Damian J. FerenceOctober 17, 2005

The last piece of mail I opened that Friday afternoon was a large white envelope bearing the return address of the Diocese of Cleveland. Having already received a memorandum about this mailing, I tore into the rectangular package with curiosity. Inside, I found the newly released Standards of Conduc

James S. TorrensOctober 17, 2005

Erin Noteboom born in Iowa is now a Canadian writer whose two recent books illustrate a classic division of poetry into the genres of narrative and lyric Seal up the Thunder derives its title from the Book of Revelation ldquo Seal up what the thunder has said and do not write it down rdquo 10

Joseph J. FaheyOctober 17, 2005

The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, published by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, is a remarkable summary of Catholic social teaching. Those who were disappointed with the abbreviated treatment of Catholic social thought in the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be d

The EditorsOctober 17, 2005

Last month the nation observed for the first time Constitution Day. Some school administrators confessed that they were not aware of recent legislation that requires all public schools and colleges to sponsor an annual program on the Constitution on or around Sept. 17, the date in 1787 when the Cons

October 17, 2005

Insights and Answers

Bishop Donald W. Trautman’s challenging article, Our Daily Bread (10/3), raised many concerns about the function of the World Synod of Bishops in pursuit of its mission. I urge him, once the current meeting of the synod is over, to give us the benefit of his

Mary MeehanOctober 17, 2005

Linda Greenhouse the Pulitzer Prize-winning Supreme Court reporter for The New York Times was off duty when in 1989 she joined a huge march supporting legal abortion in Washington D C This was shortly before the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a major abortion case and other journalists c

Mark J. AllmanOctober 17, 2005

The Just War Theory is a centuries-old set of principles that provide objective norms for the moral evaluation of war. With each new technological advance or new kind of warfare the just war theory has evolved in order to remain relevant. In the wake of the most recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanis