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December 20, 2004

Vol.191 / No.20

Record Abuse Settlement Reached in CaliforniaThe Diocese of Orange, Calif., reached a reportedly record-breaking financial settlement with 87 alleged victims of clergy sexual abuse on Dec. 2. Judge Owen Lee Kwong, who oversaw the settlement, ordered participants on both sides not to discuss details,

Rachelle LinnerDecember 20, 2004

In Wonderful and Dark Is This Road Emilie Griffin the respected author or co-editor of 14 books including Turning Reflections on the Experience of Conversion and Clinging The Experience of Prayer has written in a comfortably ruminative tone an accessible introduction to mysticism Griffin ha

Terry Joyce DarkenDecember 20, 2004

The image of the Christ Child wrapped in swaddling clothes in the straw-filled manger surrounded by nodding donkeys and loving, weary parents is so familiar to us, it is as though we were eyewitnesses of the birth. We have read and heard the story again and again as part of our core faith tradition

The Word
Dianne BergantDecember 20, 2004

The very first reading for the First Sunday of Advent included a promise that all nations would stream toward the mountain of the Lord rsquo s house Is 2 2 Today we see this promise fulfilled Magi from the East arrive to pay homage to the newborn king Though the Gospel does not say much about t

December 20, 2004


The articles by Archbishop Harry Flynn and Thomas P. Rausch, S.J., (10/18), and Archbishop Francis Hurley’s letter (11/8), dealing with the one strike and you’re out approach to pedophile priests, clearly state many important considerations.

One not addressed is the

Peter HeineggDecember 20, 2004

There rsquo s a well-worn Yiddish story about a yeshiva bokher seminarian who defiantly informs his old rabbi that he has become an apikoyres unbeliever And how long have you studied asks the rabbi suspiciously For five years replies the young apostate Ha snorts the rabbi five yearsand he

John F. KavanaughDecember 20, 2004

On the weekend before Advent’s onset, CNN ran a special called The Fight Over Faith. At one point in the coverage of the conflict between Bible-believing Christians and secularists, someone, expressing what seems to be a conviction of many of her fellow belivers, professed a strict interpretat