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September 13, 2004

Vol.191 / No.6
The EditorsSeptember 13, 2004

The debate over Senator John Kerry’s service in the Vietnam War sounded a sour and dispiriting note as the presidential campaign of 2004 approached the Labor Day weekend, the traditional start of the final and most serious phase of the campaign. While President Bush prepared to accept the offi

Michael MackSeptember 13, 2004

Why my mother chopped off her hair,

William BoleSeptember 13, 2004

In the debate over poverty in the United States there are just two ideas or at least it often seems that way One is that people are poor because of the system and that any real solutions will have to come from forces outside the individual namely government That is the view from the doctrinaire

Stephen J. RossettiSeptember 13, 2004

In the wake of the sexual abuse crisis, more than a few people, including priests, are convinced that the morale of priests is bad. In a letter dated Dec. 12, 2003, 69 priests of the Archdiocese of New York wrote to Cardinal Edward Egan, “We need to tell you again what you already know; the mo

The Word
Dianne BergantSeptember 13, 2004

It is very difficult to talk about financial equity in a market-driven economy Some entertainers and sports figures earn extravagant salaries while people in essential service professions like teaching often find it difficult to make ends meet So many people struggle with some form of money probl

Daniel RossingSeptember 13, 2004

Most of the dramatic changes that produced the vast improvement in Jewish-Christian relations in the last half-century have taken place on the Christian side. In light of the historic record of Western Christianity’s teaching of contempt for Jews and Judaism, it is understandable that until th


Catholics Rank Abortion Below War, EconomyAbortion was named as a very important priority by 49 percent of Catholics who expect to vote for President George W. Bush, coming behind Iraq, terrorism, moral values and the economy, each of which was named by at least 64 percent in a recent Pew poll. The