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August 2, 2004

Vol.191 / No.3
Robert F. WalchAugust 02, 2004

The dean of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and assistant secretary of defense in the Clinton administration Joseph S Nye Jr coined the term ldquo soft power rdquo in the late 1980 rsquo s In Bound to Lead 1990 and The Paradox of American Power 2001 he developed the

Terry GolwayAugust 02, 2004

As the Roman world began to disintegrate and the emperor was far from home fighting wars on the Rhine, a group known as the Alemanni advanced from Germany to the very outskirts of the great global city. In this emergency, wrote Edward Gibbon in his masterful tale of Rome’s decline and fall, th

The Word
Dianne BergantAugust 02, 2004

The phrase ldquo seeing is believing rdquo is well known to us all It suggests skepticism it implies that we will not accept the truth of something unless we can somehow see it While the phrase may validly express a concern for verification it contradicts basic religious ideas To paraphrase t

Richard A. BlakeAugust 02, 2004

The worm turns. Last spring the religious right made such a fuss about the polychrome piosities of Mel Gibson that even card-carrying atheists had to line up to see what all the buzz was about. Every action has its reaction, so now the sanctimonious left has created an even greater fuss about Michae

The EditorsAugust 02, 2004

The conventional wisdom about presidential election campaigns is that the American voting public does not begin to pay attention until after the Labor Day weekend. For both Democrats and Republicans the candidates have been clearly identified long in advance of the national conventions in which they

Gregory A. KalscheurAugust 02, 2004

In December 1960, shortly after a Catholic Democrat had been elected president of the United States, Time magazine devoted a lengthy cover story to the topic “U.S. Catholics and the State.” The story focused on the work of John Courtney Murray, S.J., and his then-recently published book,

Cecilio MoralesAugust 02, 2004

While Ronald Reagan tagged Democrats with his tax and spend label it was his 1980 electoral adversary Jimmy Carter who while governing Georgia in the 1970 rsquo s pioneered zero-based budgeting in government the system by which each program rsquo s very existence must be justified every time spe