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April 12, 2004

Vol.190 / No.13
The EditorsApril 12, 2004

In Bach’s oratorio The Saint John Passion, a bass aria begins: “Eilt—Hurry, hurry you suffering souls.” In an urgent whisper, the chorus responds: “Wohin—where to?” The soloist replies, “Nach Golgotha—to Calvary.” That chorus represents the

Faith in Focus
Emily WuApril 12, 2004

"We are going to have a French teacher!" I grabbed Rui Yins arm excitedly and whispered as I sat down. It was her turn to wait and fight for the few precious library seats. She was sturdily built and could usually push through the crowd of students waiting for the library door to open at 7

William A. BarryApril 12, 2004

This is a difficult time for Roman Catholics in the United States. Our church, which stood so tall and proud after the Second World War and the election of the first Catholic as president, has been dealt some grievous blows in recent times. There seems no end to the tide of stories about the sexual

The Word
Dianne BergantApril 12, 2004

There is an old saying ldquo I rsquo m from Missouri you have to show me rdquo This does not mean that Missourians are slow to learn Rather it means that they do not easily take someone rsquo s word without some form of verification They are not unique in this Actually many of us are very

J. Timothy HipskindApril 12, 2004

Why? That is a question I have been asked frequently lately. Why did Mike O’Grady, S.J., a member of our Claver Jesuit Community in Cincinnati, climb over the front gate at Fort Benning on Nov. 23, 2003, knowing that he would be arrested? People know that Mike was performing an act of civil di


Vatican Asks Bishops to Focus on Wider IssuesTop Vatican officials are urging U.S. bishops to move beyond the sexual abuse crisis and restore their focus to the wider range of pastoral and international issues. That is the main message emerging from a series of encounters in late March between heads

Rachel M. SrubasApril 12, 2004

This high-ceilinged sanctuary sat empty yesterday,