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March 1, 2004

Vol.190 / No.7
Of Many Things
Joseph A. O'HareMarch 01, 2004

During his surprising appearance on “Meet the Press” on Feb. 8, President Bush outlined what most observers believe will be the basic argument of his campaign for re-election in November 2004. The dominant theme of that campaign was probably captured in the president’s assertion to

Our readersMarch 01, 2004

Compassionate Critic

Thanks to Richard R. Gaillardetz for the kind things he said about me and others in Do We Need a New(er) Apologetics? (2/2). I am pleased that he can appreciate the love and passion of someone’s work, even as he disagrees with that person’s methods. I would

Terry GolwayMarch 01, 2004

For a few days in early February, Americans seemed surprised to discover that the entertainment industry peddles raunchy behavior over the public airwaves to a vast and impressionable audience. The Super Bowl halftime debacle, or, more to the point, the outrage the debacle inspired, prompted more th

Robert DurbackMarch 01, 2004

This carefully crafted selection of readings from 40 works by Henri Nouwen walks the reader through the seasons of the liturgical year It invites us to travel on quot a journey from chronos the chronological world of clocks and calendars to kairos time viewed as opportunity or encounter quot

Andrew M. GreeleyMarch 01, 2004

Man bites dog is news. So is the decline of religion. Dog bites man is continuity. So too the persistence of religion. That’s not news. Thus the media are fascinated by allegations of religious decline in Europe, especially because the remnants of modernity expect, even demand, the decline of

The EditorsMarch 01, 2004

The manner in which Catholics participate in the debate about marriage is as important as its outcome.

Valerie SchultzMarch 01, 2004

My mother went under the knife last summer, sacrificing her left breast to the unkind god of cancer. The uncontrolled dividing by abnormal cells, which raised a tightened, angry welt on her breast that her doctor had recommended watching for over a year, turned out to be an aggressive tumor. After t