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July 7, 2003

Vol.189 / No.1
Robert F. DrinanJuly 07, 2003

The title of this collection of 11 essays offers the hope that some consensus has developed on the way religion should coordinate with government Alas the question is too complex There is not even consensus on the meaning of the ldquo public square rdquo But these essays written by experts of

Donald J. MooreJuly 07, 2003

After some three years living at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Jerusalem and many conversations with Israelis and Palestinians, I find it difficult to avoid a pessimistic response to their question, “Is anybody listening?” Simply put, nobody is listening, at least nobody who has p


U.S. Bishops Discuss Church Problems, Two Major TextsThe U.S. Catholic bishops discussed serious problems facing the U.S. church and voted on new directories for catechetics and deacon formation at their June 19-21 spring meeting in St. Louis. Three of their five half-day sessions were closed to the

Richard A. BlakeJuly 07, 2003

God is a multiple choice quiz. Which God will we choose? One turns nosy old women into pillars of salt, slips serpents down the togas of Egyptians and sets Satan loose on his best friend just to see how he will stand up under the boils and windy advice of neighbors. Another rains down Wonder Bread i

Pheme PerkinsJuly 07, 2003

There are Ph D dissertations yet to be written on religion according to Bill Moyers and the liberal intellectuals of Public Television When they are Professor Elaine Pagels of Princeton University will figure prominently as one of their well-known talking heads Her earlier books The Gnostic Gos

John F. KavanaughJuly 07, 2003

The first time I fully realized the moral stakes at a commencement was over 10 years ago. For a brief moment I was to share the stage with none other than George Bush the Elder. It was after the triumph of the first Persian Gulf war, an exercise I found myself opposing along with a paltry 10 percent

The Word
Dianne BergantJuly 07, 2003

Last week we reflected on the arduous role of the prophets We also considered the possibility that we might be called to bear a burden similar to theirs Today rsquo s readings leave no doubt in our minds We are all indeed called in some way to ldquo prophesy to my people rdquo We might be star