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May 19, 2003

Vol.188 / No.17
The Word
Dianne BergantMay 19, 2003

The command to love is found in the report of the Last Supper discourse This exhortation is considered the heart of Jesus rsquo teaching certainly in John rsquo s Gospel Love for others is here grounded in God rsquo s love for Jesus and Jesus rsquo resulting love for us It is a profound messag


Bishop Lifts Ban on Voice of the Faithful MeetingsBishop Thomas V. Daily of Brooklyn has lifted his ban on the use of church property for meetings of the lay group Voice of the Faithful. Bishop Daily said his decision was based on the recommendations of a diocesan committee, headed by Auxiliary Bish

In Rome and Jerusalem, proposals have been made to divide the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and to establish alongside it a church jurisdiction for Hebrew-speaking Catholics in Israel. This new jurisdiction would be directly dependent on Rome and independent of the local Latin (Roman Catholic) pat

John F. KavanaughMay 19, 2003

It was unjust to go to war in Iraq. There was no imminent threat; there was no proper authority; and it was not a last resort. No, I am not going to keep quiet because we won. Winning is not the determinant of good. Nor do the good outcomes we hope forpeace and just representation for the Iraqi peop

Doris DonnellyMay 19, 2003

Not very long ago the only people who knew about Megan McKenna were those who heard her lecture in college courses or who were present at conferences conventions and retreats where she was a featured speaker Reports filtered back from these occasions that she was an accomplished storyteller who c

Faith in Focus
Robert P. MaloneyMay 19, 2003

My niece’s friend asked: “Does the Sign of the Cross always have to be made with the right hand?” Another friend reacted immediately: “Of course it must.” A third retorted, “But isn’t that awkward for a left-handed person?” An account of this debate th

The Word
Dianne BergantMay 19, 2003

How high is up Is that where heaven is If Jesus ascended into heaven might we still find his body up there These are not questions that only children might ask and if the children do indeed ask them what answers can we give These are profound questions about cosmology theology and Christolog