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February 24, 2003

Vol.188 / No.6
Wayne A. HolstFebruary 24, 2003

In his foreword to Finding the Treasure Within A Woman rsquo s Journey into Preaching the spiritual author Ronald Rolheiser O M I writes We are forever caught up in situations that are less than ideal full of tension and fraught with potential for self-pity and bitterness So what can we

Thomas J. McCarthyFebruary 24, 2003

Brace yourself, good reader. My subject is once again mortality. If you’re frowning right now, all the better. I have before me a brochure for Botox cosmetic treatment, which claims to “smooth the deep, persistent lines between your brows that developed over time.” I love metaphor,

The Word
Dianne BergantFebruary 24, 2003

Last Sunday we reflected on the new life that forgiveness from God and from others can offer us We saw that if we are the ones forgiven we must change our ways so that we no longer offend if we are the ones forgiving we must refrain from bringing up time and again the offense that caused us to s

Avery DullesFebruary 24, 2003

The memory of the Second Vatican Council, 40 years after the opening of the council, continues to arouse both acclamation and vilification. Its champions, in many cases, see it as having liberated Catholics from a long night of oppression, thus restoring to the people of God their rightful liberties


Pope’s Envoy Presses Iraq to Cooperate With InspectorsPope John Paul II appealed again for a peaceful settlement of the crisis in Iraq and sent a high-level envoy to Baghdad to press for greater Iraqi cooperation with U.N. weapons inspectors. Cardinal Roger Etchegaray left for Baghdad on Feb.

Christopher W. FranzFebruary 24, 2003

More words are misused in politics than in any other field of human endeavor Radical has come to mean something like extremist through repeated misapplication but it comes from the Latin radix meaning root radical politics is therefore supposed to be just another term for grass-roots activism Mi

Our readersFebruary 24, 2003

Knows Our Needs

I appreciated the article The Delight of Sunday, by Robert A. Senser (1/6). He offered some good insights into the observance of the Lord’s Day. One aspect he did not touch upon explicitly was one that I have been preaching about for years: the Lord’s day of rest