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October 14, 2002

Vol.187 / No.11
Our readersOctober 14, 2002


I write to disagree respectfully yet strongly with the position taken by the Rev. Andrew R. Baker in America’s issue of Sept. 30, opposing the ordination of men who happen to be homosexual in their orientation. Though all of the important points he has raised

Paul WilkesOctober 14, 2002

When The Changing Face of the Priesthood was published two years ago it created a virtual firestorm in the church The Rev Donald Cozzens was praised for his honesty and vilified for his unsportsmanlike conduct He had the nerve to say not only that a substantial number of priests and seminarians


Vatican Quandary: Complicated Decision on Sex Abuse NormsAs the Vatican debates how it will respond to U.S. norms on clerical sex abuse, it is not dealing only with the finer points of church law. It is also confronting larger issues of church communion—the ties that exist between a bishop and

Edward CurtinOctober 14, 2002

Deviance by definition presupposes a society rsquo s way of life bounded by norms and values that justify institutions and induce people to enact institutional and private roles This makes any study of deviance controversial both politically and morally When that study is sociological the cont

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJOctober 14, 2002

For many years I have thought that the book that begs to be written is a book of Jesuit stories. Now, I’m not talking about a compendium of the holy lives of Jesuit saints and martyrs: for this see a fine book by Joseph Tylenda, S.J., entitled, not surprisingly, Jesuit Saints and Martyrs. And

Edward Foley, Don ShanOctober 14, 2002

Given the stories of sexual abuse that assault us from every direction, it is possible that any public discussion of liturgy could be dismissed either as frivolous diversion or highly ideological sparring. Catholics have serious issues to discuss, moral ground to retake and an obvious evil to repel.

Timothy DuganOctober 14, 2002

The following expropriation of Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself appears in The Partly Cloudy Patriot, a collection of 19 reflective, often witty essays by Sara Vowell, author, radio artist, editor, literary critic, presidential essayist and self-admitted Clinton apologist: “The