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March 18, 2002

Vol.186 / No.9

Bishops Weigh in on Clerical Sexual Abuse of MinorsA number of U.S. bishops reiterated or strengthened their policies against clerical sexual abuse of minors and several removed some of their priests from ministry in the wake of a growing national controversy over the issue that began in the Archdio

The EditorsMarch 18, 2002

When Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, the problem of the Barbary pirates was waiting for him. These Moorish privateers, outfitted in Algeria, Morocco, Tripoli and Tunis, were prowling the seas off the North African coast as their predecessors had done for two centuries. They plundered Brit

Edward CurtinMarch 18, 2002

This is a brilliant complex and compelling analysis of emotions and their significance in personal and social life Like most philosophical writing however it is written in an academically analytical style that will limit its readership This is unfortunate and deeply ironic for Nussbaum is a ma

Our readersMarch 18, 2002

Cautionary Note

Thank you for publishing Thomas A. Shannon’s clear and concise article (2/18) about the complex moral and ethical issues surrounding attempts at human cloning to obtain stem cells for therapeutic use, and the related question of induced parthenogenic cell division

Faith The Word
John R. DonahueMarch 18, 2002

He emptied himself, taking the form of a slave (Phil. 2:7)

Faith in Focus
Amy GibsonMarch 18, 2002

After a 24-year teaching career in Catholic education, 20 of those years with the Sisters of Mercy at Mercy High School in Baltimore, I took a big risk and leapt to the public schools. I had always wanted to round out my career with a stint in public education. My move back to my family home in sout

Michael OSullivanMarch 18, 2002

On Oct. 9, 2001, an Islamic law court in the State of Sokoto in northern Nigeria ordered Safiyatu Huseini Tungar Tudu to be buried up to her head and shoulders and stoned to death. Sufiya had been found guilty of having sexual intercourse outside marriage. Her child, Adama, 8 months old at the time