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November 25, 2000

Vol.183 / No.17
Tom OBrienNovember 25, 2000

I once had a close encounter with Alan Greenspan chairman of the Federal Reserve Board in a ritzy restaurant in Washington named Galileo I was being taken there by in-laws I assume Greenspan was paying his own way My main worry on seeing him was not the check but his meal This is a man whose ev

Avery Dulles, Ladislas OrsyNovember 25, 2000

When I discovered that Ladislas Orsy, S.J., had written such a lengthy response (10/21) to my article on the papacy for a global church (7/15), I wondered how I could reply with reasonable brevity. But when I read his piece, I came to realize that I had in effect answered him already, in the very ar

The Word
John R. DonahueNovember 25, 2000

In a recent issue of Natural History the astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson director of the Hayden Planetarium wrote If the events that span the 15 billion year timeline of the universe were laid along the length of a football field then all of human history would span the thickness of a blade

J. M. PhillipsNovember 25, 2000

However she comes to us,

The EditorsNovember 25, 2000

Nearly a half century ago, an anthropologist named Cora Du Bois analyzed the values of U.S. society and concluded that Americans are optimistic activists. They expect that they and their institutions will succeed and succeed quickly. When they run up against a hard question, they want the answer tod

Emilie GriffinNovember 25, 2000

Before you begin to read The Sky Unwashed you think you know what you are in for Both jacket copy and preface explain that the novel deals with the Chornobyl nuclear accident The author born and raised in Chicago is a bilingual first-generation Ukrainian- American who has traveled often to Ukr

Peter M. AbdellaNovember 25, 2000

Imagine a couple in their mid-30’s. These people have a beautiful 20-month-old baby girl. But now, at 18 weeks of gestation, their second pregnancy goes awry. Prenatal diagnosis reveals that the developing baby has a spina bifida and hydrocephalus so serious that, if he survives until birth, h