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August 12, 2000

Vol.183 / No.4
Constance M. McGovernAugust 12, 2000

The Chinese had no pocketsno place to carry quot a pocket-comb a folding foot-rule a cork-screw a boot-buttoner a pair of tweezers a minute compass a folding pair of scissors a pin-ball a pocket-mirror a fountain pen quot or any other such American-made product Moreover the Chinese we

Lisa Sowle CahillAugust 12, 2000

Two scientific teams, one public and one private, jointly announced in June that their researchers, working separately, had deciphered the human genetic code. Elation in the scientific community and extensive media coverage signaled the importance of their accomplishment for the capabilities of medi

The Word
John R. DonahueAugust 12, 2000

As John 6 comes to an end the meaning of Jesus rsquo eloquent yet mysterious words sinks in many of Jesus rsquo disciples say This saying is hard who can accept it The moment of decision has arrived as it arrived when Joshua summoned all the tribes of Israel to renew the covenant In an in-y

Of Many Things
George M. AndersonAugust 12, 2000

Why would a Jesuit be taking part in a Quaker worship service? Yet that is what I was doing one Sunday in May. After celebrating the 8:30 a.m. Mass at Nativity parish on New York’s lower East Side, I walked a dozen blocks up Second Avenue to the 15th Street Meeting House. A

The EditorsAugust 12, 2000

The problem with gasoline prices is not that they have been too high this summer, but that they have been too low for the past two decades. American drivers do not want to hear this hard truth, and American politicians are making matters worse by playing the blame game and proposing silly solutions

Dianne BergantAugust 12, 2000

Daniel Berrigan well-known poet and activist has picked up yet another one of the biblical books and has turned his socially sensitive creative eye onto its message As he did in his volumes on the books of Daniel and Jeremiah he creatively engages the text instead of analyzing it and he allows

Our readersAugust 12, 2000

Judgment and JusticeAs American Catholic higher education settles into a long, edgy period of applying the norms of Ex Corde Ecclesiae, I want to go into the record with emphasis on several concepts that, I think, have become marginalized during the nearly two decades of Canon 812’s existence.