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June 17, 2000

Vol.182 / No.21
Elizabeth A. DreyerJune 17, 2000

Convergence 2000 began appropriately with a meal at the guest house and ended with the reading of "The Madeleva Manifesto: A Message of Hope and Courage." The warm welcome and hospitality of Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Ind., surrounded us during the entire weekend of April 27


Russian President Meets Pope, Does Not Extend InvitationOn his first official visit to Western Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Pope John Paul II at the Vatican on June 5 about the ongoing need to bring Western and Eastern Europe closer together. However, during the meeting Putin

Kathy OConnellJune 17, 2000

quot To know Joan of Arc quot wrote Mark Twain in his fanciful yet earnest quot translation quot of her life in 1896 quot was to know one who was wholly noble pure truthful brave compassionate generous pious unselfish modest blameless as the very flowers in the fields nature fine an

Faith in Focus
Kathy CoffeyJune 17, 2000

She leaves, and I feel the same twinge of fear I have felt every morning since April 20, 1999. She goes gladly. She likes her school, Littleton High, located about 15 miles from Columbine. Her hair is an auburn mantle as she runs into the morning, a clatter of keys, books and backpack. In the 15-yea

The Word
John R. DonahueJune 17, 2000

After Lent Paschaltide and several solemn feasts the Lectionary now returns to the continuous reading of Mark with two of the most vivid miracle stories of that Gospel Through the familiar technique of sandwiching two stories are interwoven in a way that enriches both The narrative begins with J

Our readersJune 17, 2000

Effective CompositionAs a retired art teacher, artist and curator, I find the America covers creative and thought-provoking. I especially liked the collage that graced the March 25 issue, on Anti-Catholicism in the United States.Each cover is a work of artcommunicating a message as well as being an

The EditorsJune 17, 2000

Two provocative offerings in this week’s issue deserve particular attention, not only in light of their authorship, but also because of the importance of their message for the universal church. The first is this year’s John Courtney Murray lecture, delivered by Elizabeth A. Johnson, C.S.