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Sam Sawyer, S.J. , Zac Davis November 01, 2019
We’re relaunching the commenting experience at America.
Our readers November 01, 2019
Many countries around the globe employ a system of mandatory national service for their citizens. We asked our readers: Is mandatory service for U.S. citizens a good idea?
Our readers October 18, 2019
Listeners of Jesuitical offer their own answer to the podcast's recurring question.
Our readers October 04, 2019
We asked our readers: In what ways is the church helping Latinos live out their faith in this country?
Our readers September 13, 2019
Ciaran Freeman spent last summer, after his year as an O’Hare fellow at America Media, combing through movies about Catholic schools and ranking them. The findings were published here. Since then, readers have written in to let Mr. Freeman know what films he overlooked in his top-10 ranking.
Our readers September 06, 2019
“It’s their policies that have to speak to the way I interpret my own faith.”