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Our readers January 11, 2019

In response to this question, 89 percent of respondents said they were in favor of the legalization of marijuana, either for medicinal purposes only (17 percent) or for both medicinal and recreational use (72 percent).

Our readers January 11, 2019

Changing Consciousness

Re “A Call to Prayer,” by Tim Shriver (1/7): Father Thomas Keating changed the consciousness of many of us who have rested in God through “centering prayer.” His great quality of humility models for us a new way of being in

Our readers December 28, 2018
Respondents reported a variety of accommodations for people with disabilities in their parishes, while also calling on their communities to do more to support parishioners with special needs.
Our readers December 14, 2018
Presented with 10 films and television specials, readers had a variety of favorites.
Our readers November 30, 2018
When asked who they donate money to, respondents mostly named local organizations, such as those that support the homeless.
Our readers November 16, 2018
I see what the author speaks of and realize that they are all gifts God has placed in our lives to show God’s presence and grace.