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Women religious from the Children of Mary Convent in Newark, Ohio, gather during the 2015 annual March for Life in Washington. (CNS photo/Jim Lo Scalzo, EPA)
Our readers January 16, 2018
America spoke to a number of young women religious about the vital contributions they and their fellow sisters make to the Catholic Church.
Our readers January 16, 2018
Pro-choicers are puzzled by pro-lifers’ favoring cuts in government services to pregnant women in financial need.
Our readers December 29, 2017
There is no one “Catholic” way to address immigration issues.
Our readers December 27, 2017

When asked if they had experienced sexual harassment, 89 percent of all respondents to our recent survey answered yes, while 76 percent told America that they had seen someone else experience harassment.

(Photo: Erwan Hesry/Unsplash) 
Our readers December 15, 2017
We asked our readers how they ground Christmas celebrations in their faith during a season that can be hectic and distracting.
Our readers December 15, 2017
I agree that the Catholic Church’s handling of its sex abuse scandal offers powerful lessons to other institutions.