America Staff January 09, 2019
Join us in celebrating 10 years of Fr. James Martin's ministry on Facebook!
America Staff January 07, 2019
Stephen Colbert, the host of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” joined his old friend Father James Martin, S.J., for an open and candid conversation about faith, God, politics and how his Late Show family is helping him survive in the age of Trump.
America Staff January 07, 2019
Fr. James Martin, S.J. dispels the top three myths regarding migrants, refugees and the exodus currently affecting the southern border of the United States.
America Staff January 07, 2019
What is life really like on the border?
America Films November 11, 2018
Phil Klay reflects on his time as a marine during the Iraq War and what it means to be a Catholic writer today.
America Films November 02, 2018
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