Vantage Point

Richard A. Blake April 16, 2019
From 1977: How Catholic journals covered the perilous journey of Jack and Jill up that treacherous hill in 1977.
Edward J. Mattimoe April 15, 2019
It may be news to some that there was a Jesuit on board and that he got off the ship at the last possible stop before its end. Some Jesuit-observers may comment: “Isn’t that typical?”
The Editors April 10, 2019
In 1939, the editors spoke out against the Daughters of the American Revolution when the group tried to prevent Marian Anderson from performing in Constitution Hall. Anderson performed instead at the Lincoln Memorial before a crowd of 75,000.
G. C. Heseltine January 11, 2019

Who doesn’t love to get away? G. C. Heseltine, for one.

December 11, 2018
Born 100 years ago, Solzhenitsyn was not sold on democracy, but battled what he perceived to be an amoral pragmatism.
Mark Van Doren December 10, 2018
I for one have never known a mind more brilliant, more beautiful, more serious, more playful. The energy behind it was immeasurable, and the capacity for love.