Vantage Point

Raymond E. Brown March 30, 2018
In liturgically celebrating the truth and power of the passion narratives, however, we must be equally energetic in proclaiming, as did Pope John Paul II on the Auschwitz anniversary: “Never again anti-Semitism!”
The Editors March 22, 2018
Long before Pope Francis earned the nickname, St. John Paul II was known as “the people’s pope.” St. John Paul II recognized the value of modern travel and mass media in spreading the Gospel and a global message of good will.
The Editors February 14, 2018
‘Lent may once again don its public mask’: America's editors from 1978 on an American Lent.
Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J. January 02, 2018
"The center of my theology? Good Lord, that can't be anything else but God as mystery and Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen One, as the historical event in which this God turns irreversibly toward us in self-communication."
Joseph A. O'Hare November 16, 2017
Joseph A. O'Hare, S.J., former editor in chief of America, gave this homily at a memorial Mass for the Jesuits slain Jesuits at St. Ignatius Church in New York on Nov. 22, 1989.
James Martin, S.J. November 03, 2017
Father Weinandy surely wrote his letter out of a heartfelt desire to help the church. But in doing so, he belied a misunderstanding of one of the basic elements of Pope Francis’ teaching.