Vantage Point

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Robert F. Drinan June 04, 2019
From 1991: The White House’s attitude toward human rights in China goes contrary to the basic policies of the United States on human rights.
Avery Dulles May 24, 2019
Responses to 10 of the principal objections that are commonly raised against the Catholic Church's teaching on the ordination of women.
In this April 15, 1955, file photo, American actress and singer Doris Day holds a bouquet of roses at Le Bourget Airport in Paris after flying in from London. (AP Photo, File)
Moira Walsh May 14, 2019
The actress and singer Doris Day died on May 13, 2019, at the age of 97.
Martin E. O'Malley May 07, 2019
A 1992 interview with Jean Vanier, founder of L'Arche.
Richard A. Blake April 16, 2019
From 1977: How Catholic journals covered the perilous journey of Jack and Jill up that treacherous hill in 1977.
Edward J. Mattimoe April 15, 2019
It may be news to some that there was a Jesuit on board and that he got off the ship at the last possible stop before its end. Some Jesuit-observers may comment: “Isn’t that typical?”