Vantage Point

John F. Kennedy July 02, 2020
John F. Kennedy wrote for America on the brewing crisis between France and Algeria in 1957. Algeria gained independence from France in July 1962.
J. Desmond Gleeson June 29, 2020
In this article from the Dec. 5, 1931, issue of America, J. Desmond Gleeson laments the economic devastation of the Great Depression, noting that it came about without warning.
Francis X. Talbot June 16, 2020
An America editor waited 14 years for his chance, but then he came out swinging against James Joyce.
Bernard J. McNamara March 28, 2020
Catholic chaplains fighting a different battle in World War I: the fight against Spanish influenza
L. C. McHugh, S.J. February 18, 2020
James B. Donovan closely followed the spy trial of Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union in May 1960, and was interviewed by America.
James T. Keane November 08, 2019
While Prohibition’s popularity would wane by the end of the decade because of its unintended consequences, at the time of its ratification and implementation, it enjoyed a fair amount of popular support. Except in the pages of America.