Terrence E. Dempsey March 01, 2010

The exhibit “Good Friday” explores the enduring power of the image of the suffering Christ for contemporary artists.

Franco Mormando November 24, 2008
Georges Rouault's art draws our attention to the spiritual dimension of human experience
James Martin, S.J. December 05, 2005
Members of the Society of Jesus are often accused of excessive pride in their order and its history. This can be a fair critique. Sometimes, for example, Jesuits speak as if St. Ignatius Loyola were the first Christian to discover prayer. Not long ago at a retreat house, I gave a talk about Ignatian
James Martin, S.J. March 14, 2005
By any measure, it is a stunning achievement. Since 1998, the artist Donald Jackson has been diligently at work on the first handwritten, illuminated Bible since the invention of the printing press five centuries ago. Under the auspices of Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minn., and The Lit
Michael O'Neill McGrath February 14, 2005
The question put to me most frequently as an artist is, “How long did it take to paint that?” I suspect if you were to poll other artists, they might tell you the same thing. To me this fascination with time spent at the easel is curious. It also strikes me as a bit humorous, since the q
Edwina Gateley November 03, 2003
This book, Christ in the Margins, took shape on a red plastic tablecloth in a diner in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is where I met the artist Robert Lentz. The two of us spent hours sharing ideas to bring his vision to reality. Perhaps as we sat together, eyes shining, words tumbling, arms gesticul