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Today’s psalm prompts us to consider the balance of talking and listening in our lives.
Ashley McKinless March 02, 2018
“Maybe you just haven’t found the right poet.”
Joseph sold by his brothers (Genesis 37), published 1841
Even when we are unaware of the acts of God, He continues to operate in our lives with the ineffable, inscrutable power of his love.
America This Week February 28, 2018
Our Feb. 28th guest is Br. Mickey McGrath
Zac Davis February 23, 2018

How’s your Lent going? Did you make it at least a few days (unlike me) before breaking your Lenten practice?

Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill February 23, 2018
Perhaps the gift of the rough seas is that they force us to acknowledge our utter dependence on the One who loves us.