Photographs of descendants of enslaved people who were sold by Georgetown University and the Maryland Jesuits to southern Louisiana in 1838. (Claire Vail/American Ancestors/New England Historic Genealogical Society via AP)
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J.D. Long-García
The collaboration with the Jesuits addresses a specific historical injustice but more broadly seeks to offer a model that might accelerate racial healing and advance racial justice in the United States.
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James T. Keane
Before Rush Limbaugh, there was the notorious “radio priest” of the 1930s and 1940s, Father Charles E. Coughlin.
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Thomas J. Reese
The faith-based office, founded under President George W. Bush, evolved over the past two decades, but it became moribund under President Donald Trump, who preferred to talk only with evangelical leaders who supported him.
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Michael J. O’Loughlin
Public disagreements among the U.S. bishop are rare but not unprecedented. A contentious debate about the church and AIDS in 1987 is perhaps the situation most similar to the divisions over how to welcome President Biden.
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Bill McCormick, S.J.
The Associated Press (again) investigated Catholic dioceses that benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program. Here’s what they got wrong about the church in the United States.
Sen. Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, makes a motion that the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump is unconstitutional at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Jan. 26. (Senate Television via AP)
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Sam Sawyer, S.J.
The Republican Party has steadily devalued the meaning of “unconstitutional” in its defense of Donald Trump, writes Sam Sawyer, S.J., undermining the best legal argument of the pro-life movement.