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Sam Rocha
Túpac Shakur is widely recognized as a musical pioneer. On what would be his 50th birthday, it is time to recognize him as a prophet as well.
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Damian Costello
Bob Dylan, who turns 80 on May 24, expanded my musical and conceptual horizons from my college days onward.
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Mary Grace Mangano
“Living For The Other Side” is one way to stay conscious and alive, and to be reminded of what we are worshipping.
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Maina Mwaura - Religion News Service
Marooned in his home in Connecticut much of last year, unable to tour or even safely hang out with his band, he sat in his home studio and put together a list of favorite church music, from “Amazing Grace” to 1970s-era Catholic folk Mass tunes to modern gospel songs. 
Mary Lou Williams, third from left, with friends in her New York apartment (photo: Alamy).
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Michael Scott Alexander
Williams came to write “Mary Lou’s Mass” to capture her feeling of suffering—and its apotheosis.
Joni Mitchell strums guitar outside the The Revolution Club, London, England, Sept. 17, 1968 (Alamy).
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Rob Weinert-Kendt
Like a master painter’s sketchbooks, “Archives” is uniquely revealing of the roots of Joni Mitchell’s distinctive voice both as a singer and a writer.