Mary Lou Williams, third from left, with friends in her New York apartment (photo: Alamy).
Michael Scott Alexander January 21, 2021
Williams came to write “Mary Lou’s Mass” to capture her feeling of suffering—and its apotheosis.
Joni Mitchell strums guitar outside the The Revolution Club, London, England, Sept. 17, 1968 (Alamy).
Rob Weinert-Kendt January 15, 2021
Like a master painter’s sketchbooks, “Archives” is uniquely revealing of the roots of Joni Mitchell’s distinctive voice both as a singer and a writer.
Phoebe Bridgers in a skeleton onesie, Dolly Party with her big blonde hair and red and white checkered top, and Anderson .Paak in black and white, black and white checkered top
From three 20-somethings, here are the musical selections that have helped us to remember and thank 2020.
Sean Salai, S.J. December 30, 2020
A conversation with Michael Kurek, author of “The Sound of Beauty: A Classical Composer on Music in the Spiritual Life.”
Joe Hoover, S.J. December 23, 2020
Oh the poor starving Africans! the six of us looking at each other like are you kidding me...
Nicholas D. Sawicki December 22, 2020
The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra celebrated the scientists in their community who helped to develop one of the Covid-19 vaccines.