Of Many Things

Matt Malone, S.J. May 29, 2020
During a time of political polarization, writes Matt Malone S.J., it is more often the serious business of governing that is a distraction—from the partisan combat that has become our all-consuming pastime.
Matt Malone, S.J. May 15, 2020
Easter joy gives us the eyes to see those hints of eternity in the here and now, writes Matt Malone, S.J.
Matt Malone, S.J. April 28, 2020
It is unfortunate that Mr. Trump chose to politicize the call, which is his wont, but the bishops made a good tactical choice.
Matt Malone, S.J. April 13, 2020
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America Staff April 03, 2020
In Memoriam | Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J. | February 12, 1931—March 29, 2020 | 10th Editor in Chief, 1975 to 1984
Matt Malone, S.J. April 02, 2020
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