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Ed Garcia
Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa is one of the brave women who are pushing back against those who employ social media to distort the truth and undermine the trust of citizens.
Arts & CultureLast Take
Elizabeth Beckwith
I have spent my entire career attempting to pay homage to (and in a deeper sense, to keep alive) all the incredible characters of my Catholic-kid-in-Las Vegas life.
FaithLast Take
Gloria Purvis
When the Covid pandemic gave us a chance to kiss the mantle of poverty and self-sacrifice we rebelled, writes Gloria Purvis. When offered the cross, we ran.
Politics & SocietyLast Take
Kristen Day
If Planned Parenthood does not trust crisis pregnancy centers, the abortion Goliath should beat the centers at their own game.
FaithLast Take
Kathryn Jean Lopez
On Aug. 9, Father Joseph was taken into eternity in the Year of St. Joseph.
FaithLast Take
Kerry Weber
The new health guidelines for attending Mass raise concerns for parents of young children during an already challenging year.