Last Take

Nathan Schneider February 11, 2019
Today, it is easier than ever for activists to command attention for a moment but harder to form the lasting relationships and organizations that are also needed to make lasting change.
Haley Stewart February 04, 2019
Are we tired of working in a system of mere productivity and efficiency that fails to acknowledge our humanity and that of others?
Michael R. Lovell January 16, 2019
I have found that praying 15 minutes every day is an important form of self-care.
Pope Francis exchanges greetings for the new year with diplomats accredited to the Holy See on Jan. 7. (CNS photo/Ettore Ferrari, pool via Reuters) 
Miguel Díaz January 11, 2019
In his annual address to diplomats at the Vatican, Pope Francis condemned isolationism and called on nations to act out of “concern for the whole human family and its needs.”
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J. December 28, 2018
Notre Dame is proud of its slogan: “God, Country, Notre Dame” (in that order). But the ease with which the punctuation slides into “God Country: Notre Dame” has a lot to do with football.
Tom Kean December 07, 2018
Since 2001, attacks worldwide have increased fivefold. From the Sahara Desert to cyberspace, Islamist militants continue to find innovative new ways to extend their reach.