Last Take

John Gehring November 01, 2019
Christianity is not a collection of abstract principles that can be reduced to parsing and defending faceless propositions.
Vivian Cabrera October 25, 2019
The Houston Astros may be down one game in the World Series, but America assistant editor Vivian Cabrera is a true believer.
Robert George October 04, 2019
Christians and Muslims must, as never before, join hands to bear witness to God’s sovereignty, to God’s love for each and every member of the human family, to God’s desire that we lead upright lives.
Tania Tetlow September 20, 2019
Tania Tetlow, president of Loyola University New Orleans, remembers her friend and mentor Cokie Roberts, who passed away on Sept. 17.
Alex Nava September 20, 2019
A theology professor reflects on the spirituality of hip-hop.
Katie Prejean McGrady August 14, 2019
How do we keep them, or anyone really, Catholic? To keep them, we have to stop asking that question in the first place.