Last Take

Alex Nava September 20, 2019
A theology professor reflects on the spirituality of hip-hop.
Katie Prejean McGrady August 14, 2019
How do we keep them, or anyone really, Catholic? To keep them, we have to stop asking that question in the first place.
Shannen Dee Williams August 06, 2019
Black Catholics have been at the forefront of the push to get the Vatican to confront the church’s racist past and present.
Juan Vidal August 05, 2019
Author Juan Vidal reflects on the El Paso tragedy and what it means for U.S. Latinos and Christians.
John J. Conley August 02, 2019
The current occupant of the White House has now turned his rage on you, my adopted city. I think it is time for a valentine for a troubled city I have come to love.
In an age characterized by all but a desperate need for solidarity, when the religious and secular bonds of community have become badly frayed, bridges real and metaphorical have become more important than ever.