Last Take

Blase J. Cupich May 11, 2019
In an era when Islamophobia is on the rise, it seems especially important for Catholic Christians to know that in addition to sharing our belief in the one God, Muslims also share a reverence for Mary.
Maureen O'Connell May 03, 2019
Today, it is the rule—not the exception—that there are at least as many students of color in my classrooms as white students.
Lisa M. Hendey April 19, 2019
Being Catholic in Los Angeles means belonging to a faith family filled with need, but also with great commitment and seemingly unlimited potential.
Katelyn Beaty April 08, 2019
Oftentimes we find that the people on the other side of a hot-button issue are motivated by good reasoning and deeply held values. They are not the enemy.
Thurston N. Davis April 05, 2019
From 1955: How wide should the concerns of the Catholic journalist be?
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John J. Conley March 27, 2019
The church’s doctrine of the last things underscores the mystery we face as we ponder death.