Last Take

Danielle Bean March 20, 2020
Motherhood was an all-encompassing thing, and yet also a hidden thing, Danielle Bean writes.
Cyrus Habib March 19, 2020
I have come to believe that, while we certainly continue to need people of good will to serve in elected office, meeting the challenges our country faces will require more than just policy-making.
John J. Conley March 13, 2020
How could he see so clearly the need to respect the vulnerable and then abuse those under his spiritual care?
Jenny Cafiso March 06, 2020
The denial of education to girls is a violation of their dignity as human beings made in the image of God, writes Jenny Cafiso of Canadian Jesuits International.
Joe Laramie, S.J. February 21, 2020
We are talking about God, life, joys, sorrows, prayer and Jesus. The Holy Spirit comes and stays the whole time.
Victoria Sechrist February 07, 2020
A financial planner on how she uses her Catholic faith in her work.