Arts & Culture Ideas
Eric Sundrup, S.J.August 21, 2017
This past weekend, I was at Doxacon, "The Geek Orthodox Convention."
Arts & Culture Ideas
The story of Austin Steward, a former slave who fought against slavery in northwest New York
Arts & Culture Ideas
Patrick J. HoulihanAugust 03, 2017
Overshadowed in his lifetime, Pope Benedict provided lessons for the world’s peoples and policymakers, then and now.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Rather than simply showing artifacts and manuscripts, the American Writers Museum presents a number of screens and displays, many of them interactive, to engage visitors with the rich heritage of American writers.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Robert F. MorneauAugust 01, 2017
Is there something in the very nature of sin and narcissism that wounds us, that makes us sad?
Politics & Society Ideas
Bryan VincentJuly 14, 2017
Affecting the outcome of specific elections, however, is not the only way Catholics can influence the social and political direction of the nation.