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Arts & CultureIdeas
Joe Hoover, S.J.
Sure, we can talk about excellence. But we shouldn’t accept as fact the idea that we can rank the worth of a piece of art. That is a fiction itself, a fundamental untruth.
Politics & SocietyIdeas
Sarah Vincent
Saint Peter’s stands out for living out its commitment to justice in real time, primarily serving first-generation college students from diverse backgrounds.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Keara Hanlon
If we become numb to the suffering of others, even the Kims and Kanyes of the world who may seem beyond our sympathetic reach, we may also be numbing ourselves to the suffering of people in our own lives.
Kathryn Jean Lopez
More about the Christians of Iraqi-Kurdistan and Nineveh than Pope Francis, the film highlights their gratitude by showing why it was so important to them that he visit Iraq.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Jim McDermott
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that eight sets of nominees will be cut from the Oscars telecast this year. Their decision is all too familiar to me as a Catholic.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Patrick Saint-Jean, S.J.
A documentary about a Black music festival awakens us to God's presence even amid our historical sins.