The Good Word

Terrance Klein March 20, 2019
The question of trust, of giving ourselves to something outside ourselves, is quite fundamental. It goes to the nature of who we are as human beings. One might pose the question this way: Are we clams or clovers?
Terrance Klein March 13, 2019
Intimacy can only be shared between those who love. It cannot be summarized. Intimacy lives in silence.
“Christ in the Desert,” by Ivan Kramskoi
Terrance Klein March 06, 2019
If you picture a dark-winged figure tempting Jesus in the desert, you reduce the real power of evil. Why? Because you have removed the devil’s greatest advantage: the darkness of confusion.
Terrance Klein March 06, 2019
Life does not have to be this way. You don’t have to be this way. You can begin again. All that you require has been here all along. You need only return to the mystery of your own baptism.
Terrance Klein February 27, 2019
To live in the real, to reject illusion is to set our face toward growth and toward God.
Terrance Klein February 20, 2019
You might ask, “Shouldn’t we all pretend to be Jesus?” We should, but that does not seem to have gotten most of us all that far. Perhaps a humbler role is a better beginning.