The Good Word

Terrance Klein December 02, 2020
On the Second Sunday of Advent, the Prophet Isaiah reminds us that the church is ordained to be Christ’s hands extended to the poor, the neglected, the excluded.
Photo by Ryan Clark on Unsplash
Terrance Klein November 25, 2020
It is okay to be sad. Rather than loathe, we lament, because we know of a better land.
Terrance Klein November 18, 2020
Jesus did not come in power. He became the Christ, the anointed one, because he surrendered what little he had into the hands of the Father.
Terrance Klein November 11, 2020
One of Francis’ strengths is his willingness to surprise, to take the unexpected path.
Terrance Klein November 04, 2020
We are the ones who have been left behind. We suffer a loss; our loved ones do not.
Terrance Klein November 02, 2020
The notion that our prayers can aid the dead as well as the living has always been a part of the Christian faith.