The Good Word

Terrance Klein February 20, 2019
You might ask, “Shouldn’t we all pretend to be Jesus?” We should, but that does not seem to have gotten most of us all that far. Perhaps a humbler role is a better beginning.
Terrance Klein February 13, 2019
The Beatitudes do not describe the world in which we live. They tell us how to live in this world so as to seed one yet to come. Belief in another world gives us the courage to resist and to renew this one.
Terrance Klein February 06, 2019
We feel regret when we recognize that are past behaviors were too small, too defensive, too rooted in our own selves.
Terrance Klein January 30, 2019
By itself, suffering is no gateway to greatness. Yet it’s hard to find titans of history who didn’t know great sorrow.
Terrance Klein January 24, 2019
In and of themselves neither the church nor the Scriptures are the very revelation of God; they are only the two witnesses who point to the Christ, who is.
Terrance Klein January 17, 2019
Psychedelics can blur the line between science and spirituality—but Christian mysticism cannot be studied.