The Good Word

Terrance Klein January 20, 2021
The disciples of Jesus were not pursuing ideas as they were coming to love and to understand a person.  
Terrance Klein January 13, 2021
Consider the countless souls, those alive today and all those in generations past, who have never been given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel the church preaches.
Terrance Klein January 07, 2021
Once you allow a notion of yours, however right and righteous, to separate you from the community, you have become the victim of sin. You are not its solution.
Terrance Klein December 30, 2020
The three are equally telling: here is the promised Messiah; here is the very presence of God; and here is the one who has come among us to die.
Terrance Klein December 23, 2020
A Reflection for the Solemnity of the Holy Family
Terrance Klein December 23, 2020
When we come to Eucharist at Christmas, we believe that time warps in upon itself. Christ is born today, is baptized today, dies today, rises today.