The Good Word

Terrance Klein September 23, 2020
God being God includes God not being who we are. How can someone who is not us not surprise us?
Terrance Klein September 16, 2020
Never presume that you are one of the early hires and that Jesus offers his parable only to curb your jealousy of late arrivals. No, we all come so late in the day.
Terrance Klein September 09, 2020
When we speak of minds, can someone who would reduce consciousness to biology offer an adequate picture of what it means for us to know something?
Terrance Klein September 02, 2020
God shows the way in the incarnation.
Terrance Klein August 26, 2020
Augustine’s Confessions take up a theme still at the center of our lives: Does our intelligence lead us to something beyond ourselves?
Terrance Klein August 19, 2020
In our baptism, each of us has been chosen. So many others in this world have not. We must constantly ask ourselves: Why?