The Good Word

Terrance Klein September 18, 2019
To be a Christian is to accept the story in which we find ourselves. It is to know that our actions do have consequences. We cannot simply wait for a better world to come along.
Terrance Klein September 11, 2019
The Eucharist is the original A.A. meeting. We need to encourage each other, remind each other that we are not alone, that our savior has called us together.
Terrance Klein September 04, 2019
What if my priorities about what matters to God are wrong? After all, I am a sinful person, aren’t I? Therefore, I am somewhat blinded by sin, prejudiced in all my judgments.
Terrance Klein August 29, 2019
Why do we preach a crucified, humiliated savior? Because humility opens us.
Terrance Klein August 21, 2019
Love created us to be distinct from itself so that we could choose to love. It will not annihilate us, overwhelm who we are.
Terrance Klein August 15, 2019
Doctrines and dogmas do not exist to provide esoteric data. Their purpose is always to tell us who we are, to proclaim who we can be in Christ.