The Good Word

Terrance Klein July 17, 2019
Fast food makes only one promise. That it is fast. Christ promises to feed us with food that will last.
Terrance Klein July 10, 2019
To preach Jesus is primarily to preach a path, a call to action, not ethical precepts.
Terrance Klein July 05, 2019
We need some comforting, all of us. A moment when we are drawn away from our troubles, a slice of life without its accompanying sorrows.
Terrance Klein June 26, 2019
It does not matter that you have already given your love to Jesus. Romance is a living thing. You either nourish it or it dies.
Terrance Klein June 19, 2019
On this day, under the appearance of bread and wine, Christ claims creation itself to be his eucharistic body and blood.
Terrance Klein June 12, 2019
A father is a father even when he is absent.