The Good Word

Terrance Klein April 08, 2020
A virus can keep us from gathering. A spirit-wound, it can curtail the sacramental life Christ gave us. But no virus can separate us from Christ.
Terrance Klein April 01, 2020
The preaching of our Lord in the Gospel of St. Matthew—the Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, the parables—has come to a close. Now the preacher embraces his passion.
Terrance Klein March 25, 2020
Nothing is more certain than death. Yet normally, nothing is more hidden from our view. We do most everything that we can to not look death in the face.
Terrance Klein March 18, 2020
Horrible things happen in the dark when people are afraid. We must now give witness. If we live in the light, it should be evident. Even in a time of virus.
Terrance Klein March 13, 2020
The call of Christ can appear as one more demand upon your time and energy.
Terrance Klein March 04, 2020
Lord, why do you grant me the grace to see you so clearly, yet deny this same gift to the one whom I so desperately love?