The Good Word

Terrance Klein November 06, 2019
Jesus did not simply speak of a life to come. He revealed such a life and gave us a glimpse of it when he rose from the dead.
Terrance Klein November 01, 2019
Now imagine what God’s love, after this life, can do to transform you.
Terrance Klein November 01, 2019
What began here on earth is lost, mostly without a trace. But who looks for the seed that died when the mighty tree raises its leafed branches to the sky?
Terrance Klein October 30, 2019
Who you are and what you desire determines what you see. So what does God see when he looks upon you?
Terrance Klein October 23, 2019
Prayer is a frightening loss of control, in which we are forced to confront ourselves. It’s a profoundly humbling experience.
Terrance Klein October 16, 2019
In rural America, shrinking parishes have to share priests. That’s nothing to fear.