The Good Word

Terrance Klein January 15, 2020
Perhaps hovering parents only display a drive shared by all: a desire to be our own saviors.
Terrance Klein January 08, 2020
We are not angels. We cannot be spiritual without being religious. Why? Because we cannot be human without rituals.
Terrance Klein January 03, 2020
We are never more ourselves than when we express ourselves.
Terrance Klein December 31, 2019

Can anyone adequately define what it means to be an alcoholic? Someone who regularly abuses alcohol is physically ill because of biological, even genetic, factors. And, like anyone suffering from a psychological pathology, an alcoholic’s free will is typically curtailed.

Terrance Klein December 27, 2019
We may not yet be saints, but this does not make our families any less sacred.
Terrance Klein December 23, 2019
We make Christmas into something it is not and wonder why it disappoints.