The Good Word

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dalí, 1931.
Terrance Klein January 17, 2018
The God who is coming is the God who is already here.
Terrance Klein January 10, 2018
We tell ourselves that we would happily do whatever God wanted if God would only make himself clear.
Terrance Klein January 03, 2018
Gift giving is always an exchange. But here is an exception that may yet prove the rule.
Botticelli c. 1480 Madonna of the Book
Terrance Klein December 31, 2017
We celebrate the Virgin Mary because in her, the mystery of Christmas saturates creation.
“Christ in the House of His Parents,” by John Everett Millais (1849–50)
Terrance Klein December 29, 2017
No one can love us like family, and no one can hurt us like family.
Terrance Klein December 22, 2017
Today, the eternal Word is spoken by the Father into the world. Gabbing gives way to gaze.