The Good Word

Terrance Klein July 02, 2020
Though liberation is often won through violence, love can never conquer through compulsion. Love must always be meek.
Terrance Klein June 24, 2020
Jesus did not speak of great prophets, who would follow him. No, he told us to expect humble souls, “little ones,” people we might not even notice if we do not keep our eyes open and our hearts receptive.
Terrance Klein June 17, 2020
Strictly speaking, anyone spreading ideas, good or bad, engages in propaganda. Preaching is propaganda. St. Paul wrote propaganda.
Terrance Klein June 10, 2020
A reflection of the feast of Corpus Christi, by the Rev. Terrance Klein
Terrance Klein May 27, 2020
In his own divine depth, the Holy Spirit remains an utter mystery, but we have nonetheless felt his true touch.
Terrance Klein May 20, 2020
In his ascension, Christ no longer limits himself in time and space. He is wherever and whenever his church seeks him in the Spirit.