The Good Word

Terrance Klein June 20, 2018
A lesson on time and hope from John the Baptist
Terrance Klein June 13, 2018
We are mysteries to one another. The same is true of nature. The same has ever been true of God.
Terrance Klein June 06, 2018
To share life with the Lord is to give life itself to those whom we love in the Lord.
Terrance Klein May 30, 2018
In the sacrament of his most holy body and blood, Christ claims and consecrates not only us but all of his creation.
Terrance Klein May 23, 2018
God simply is a triad of love: a going out in love, a return in love and thus, ever more, love itself.
Terrance Klein May 16, 2018
We speak of spirits and ghosts when we encounter the sort of meaning that only another person can share with us, yet we cannot locate that person in our world.