The Good Word

Terrance Klein February 20, 2020
If we give the signal—our readiness, our openness—God lifts us up.
Terrance Klein February 12, 2020
If only there were an app that alerted us every time that Christ was near, every time that Christ wanted us to let up on our worthwhile labors long enough to look at someone we love.
Terrance Klein February 05, 2020
The sermon is so simple. However dark your world, imitate me and all will be well. The question it poses is likewise quite stark: Do we believe him enough to rally?
Terrance Klein January 29, 2020
We use the word “God” to speak of that which is much too great for us to seek and to find. We cannot search for God to satisfy our curiosity. God must find us, or we are lost.
Terrance Klein January 22, 2020
Our history remains hazardous, but it does not stand apart from God in Christ.
Terrance Klein January 15, 2020
Perhaps hovering parents only display a drive shared by all: a desire to be our own saviors.