A security guard checks a handheld metal detector outside St. Hillary's Catholic Church in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Guards have intercepted suicide bombers attempting to enter the church compound. (Linus Unah)
Linus Unah August 10, 2018
The militant Islamist group Boko Haram has decimated villages in northern Nigeria, but Catholic parishioners remain faithful and courageous.
Stephanie Slade August 06, 2018
Economic freedom can be morally, not just materially, empowering.
Nick Ripatrazone July 27, 2018
In 1949, a priest with a searchlight spotted something puzzling in the sky. The mystery remains unexplained.
Just as I saw with my coworkers, the expressions of faith of the poor and vulnerable are occurring against a background of chaos and fear.
The Cathedral of St. Mary in Toledo, Spain (photo: Wikimedia)
Menachem Wecker July 13, 2018
Darker layering shapes the tourist experience in ways that are not always apparent or transparent.
Holly Taylor Coolman July 13, 2018
It is not simply children whom we seek to design but our own selves.