Elizabeth Colmant Estes February 23, 2018
As Christians, our goal in life is to stop living like the security-minded goats we find in Matthew 25 and instead become like the extravagant sheep who give food to hungry people, water to anyone who thirsts and, of course, welcome to strangers.
James T. Keane February 23, 2018
The numbers augur an uncertain future for the Catholic Church in Ireland, long a place where Catholicism seemed sure of deep roots and high adherence to practice and tradition.
David Gibson February 21, 2018
Francis may well rank among the most consequential popes in the long and colorful history of the papacy.
Jon M. Sweeney February 21, 2018
Remembering Billy Graham’s relationships with presidents, priests and popes.
James Martin, SJ February 18, 2018
Five years later, looking back on a momentous day in the life of the church
Sonja Livingston February 09, 2018
What a missing statue and a Rust Belt quest taught me about devotion.