Gerald O'Collins April 16, 2019
Cathedrals express our solidarity with the universal church: with those who worship in the cathedrals of Ireland and Italy, of England and Gennany, of France and the Philippines.
James K. A. Smith April 10, 2019
Rather than framing moral philosophy as just another form of epistemology (how can we know what to do?), Iris Murdoch was asking a more classical question: “How can we make ourselves morally better?” she asks. “These are the questions the philosopher should try to answer.”
Harold C. Gardiner April 05, 2019
From 1944: When President Roosevelt led the nation in prayer on D-Day's night, an event unique in modern history took place.
G. B. Harrison April 05, 2019
From 1969: The difficulties encountered by those who worked long and hard to give us a truly contemporary prayer language in English are here set forth by one who participated in the mammoth task.
Thomas More Garrett March 22, 2019
Kickstarter is one of a small but growing number of entities, known as “benefit corporations” or “public benefit corporations,” that are ushering in a new approach to business.
Gerard O’Connell March 22, 2019
For the first time, the inside story of the election of Pope Francis, excerpted from a new book by America's Vatican correspondent.