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Kamila Valenta
The church can be a transformative force by standing with the powerless and vulnerable today as it did during the fall of Communism.
Politics & SocietyFeatures
John W. Miller
Is there a way to fight back?
Arts & CultureFeatures
James T. Keane
“My hope is that the church can use the immense power of its storytelling to move toward more compassion, more kindness.”
Politics & SocietyFeatures
Rachel Lu
Building a worker-friendly economy is a slow and difficult job. Stoking the rage and resentment of disaffected voters is much easier. Are pro-labor conservatives up to the task?
Grant Kaplan
How can the discipline of theology keep its footing in Catholic colleges and universities facing uncertain futures?
Eve Tushnet
Although only a small minority of L.G.B.T. Catholics will ever seek conversion therapy, the assumptions underlying that therapy often influence the message many gay Catholics hear in the confessional and from friends and mentors.