John W. Miller April 03, 2020
Trump voters were holding firm in early March, reports John W. Miller, but Covid-19 may bring a sea change in the key states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa.
Tomás Halík April 03, 2020
In biblical terms, this all-pervasive sickness is a sign of the times.
Patrick Gilger, S.J. April 02, 2020
Milan, under quarantine, has asked me to renounce the particular version of our American response to fear that I have made my own.
Colleen Dulle March 31, 2020
While this physical separation from our parish communities is only temporary, it has real spiritual implications.
Kevin Jackson March 20, 2020
A changing legal landscape in college sports has renewed the discussion of what is “fair” for college athletes when it comes to compensation.
Bill Cain March 20, 2020
A life in the Society of Jesus.