Faith in Focus

Faith Faith in Focus
Emily KahmMay 19, 2017
When you replace “God” with “Dog” in a lot of Bible verses, they became startlingly apt commentary.
Faith Faith in Focus
Karen ParkMay 18, 2017
My boys’ complaints about going to church and my refusal to capitulate to them are themselves a kind of ritual.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherMay 18, 2017
I was Catholic. You pray, you receive the sacraments, you imitate the saints. What more guidance do you need?
Portrait of a Woman with a Winged Bonnet, by Rogier van der Weyden (Wikimedia Commons)
Faith Faith in Focus
Veronica Mary RolfMay 11, 2017
‘Shewings’ is the first book ever written by a woman in the English language.
Dorothy Day and her daughter, Tamar (photo courtesy of Kate Hennessy)
Faith Faith in Focus
Kate HennessyMay 09, 2017
My grandmother, Dorothy Day, believed that to lose one’s faith was the greatest sadness.
Faith Faith in Focus
John Jay HughesApril 27, 2017
Celebrating Mass was wonderful the first time I did it 63 years ago. It is, if possible, even more wonderful today.