Faith in Focus

Sam Sawyer, S.J. January 19, 2018
The Gospel we heard today is a tactical trainwreck. It tells us to offer no resistance to enemies and love them instead.
J.D. Long-García January 19, 2018
“Our country is so important to us. We carry the Dominican Republic in our hearts.”
Simcha Fisher January 18, 2018
(And what the Gospel says we should do instead)
Wyatt Massey January 12, 2018
An assessment of a country’s living conditions says nothing about the people who live in those conditions.
The author and actress Allysa Clausen perform in "Three Sisters."
Brian Kokensparger January 11, 2018
A computer scientist returns to the stage
Nick Ripatrazone January 09, 2018
My fishing life has been a series of snagged lines and broken dreams.