Faith in Focus

Edward W. Schmidt, S.J. December 05, 2018
Miracles surround us; burning bushes keep revealing the Lord’s work. But we need to stop and notice.
Jack Bentz, S.J. December 03, 2018
Christmas is the chance to welcome the stranger; to be the good innkeeper and not the bad one.
Patrick Gallagher November 30, 2018
Is it conceit or coincidence that a saint who was conceived without sin is the patron of a country that believes the same about itself?
Patrick Gothman November 27, 2018
In Honduras, paradise and hell are next-door neighbors, and you can hear the gunshots at night from both places.
Anonymous November 27, 2018
I cannot continue to hide the enduring pain that I feel because of a vile and humiliating incident 30 years ago.
Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash
Barbara J. Kouba November 26, 2018
Her voice disappeared, leaving an unrelieved haunting silence that signified the end of Susan Broxton’s earthly life.