Faith in Focus

Karl Miller April 19, 2018
I see myself as a beloved son of the Father, who happens to be attracted to men.
Jack Bentz, S.J. April 19, 2018
Francis showed us how to risk simply embracing the hurting world. No explaining, just loving.
Simcha Fisher April 18, 2018
Venting is good. Venting is sometimes lifesaving. But it matters where you vent and why.
Jennifer Fulwiler April 18, 2018
Could I really be happy if my primary focus for years to come was managing a house full of babies?
Kathy Ewing April 17, 2018
Every Sunday we would encounter each other, serve food and wash dishes “hip to hip.”
Tim Gorichanaz April 16, 2018
The suffering of ultrarunning is physical and mental, sharp and dull, here and there. And yet, it is joyful.