Faith in Focus

Faith Faith in Focus
Ron HansenJuly 20, 2017
Why Ron Hansen will never read the Gospels the same.
Faith Faith in Focus
Simcha FisherJuly 18, 2017
It is not always as easy spiritually to receive Communion as it is physically.
Charlottesville, Va., July 8, 2017 (Photo credit: James Sneed, Flickr)
Faith Faith in Focus
Nichole M. FloresJuly 12, 2017
The church’s opposition to racism should be a consistent and constant force in our country.
Alicia von Stamwitz at age 6 (Photo courtesy of the author)
Faith Faith in Focus
Alicia von StamwitzJuly 05, 2017
I want to believe things are better now for immigrants, but I fear things are getting worse.
Faith Faith in Focus
Kathleen NorrisJuly 05, 2017
De Sales’s insistence that a life of prayer “finds its ideal in the ordinary” will appeal to modern readers.
Faith Faith in Focus
James Martin, SJJuly 03, 2017
At a Fourth of July parade, I’m happy to sing to my country. At the Mass, I’d rather sing to my Savior.