Colleen Dulle January 11, 2021
Women have served as lectors and acolytes for decades. Now Pope Francis has changed canon law to formally recognize their ministry.
They’re Democrats and Republicans, Catholics, Protestants and a Buddhist. But they all graduated from a Jesuit high school, college or university.
With no small bit of swagger, we present to you: Catholics who were Time’s Person of the Year.
Robert Speel December 11, 2020
While most Americans remain religious, the fundamental belief that religion and politics should operate in separate spheres remains strong in the United States.
James T. Keane December 09, 2020
Scientific advances have allowed enormous breakthroughs in overcoming infertility—but not without some vexing ethical questions.
Ricardo da Silva, S.J. December 07, 2020
Pope Francis has held up the Congolese liturgy as a model for similarly inculturated rites in other parts of the Catholic world.