Hortons hears a Fight for $15. Photo courtesy of Denise Martins
Dean Dettloff February 07, 2018
It will come as no surprise that Canadian economists are divided on the benefits of raising the minimum wage, but proponents say the hike is desperately needed following decades of wage stagnation that has led many Canadians to take on significant debt.
Kevin Clarke February 06, 2018
Bishop Kang believes the upcoming Winter Olympics in Korea and the surprise decision of officials in the North to allow North Korean athletes to participate offers a small opening for progress.
(AP Photo/Eraldo Peres, File)
Jim McDermott February 02, 2018
The Russians directed propaganda toward religious groups on Facebook; the social-media site is responding with new hurdles for ads from churches and parishes.
Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (image from campaign website)
Jan-Albert Hootsen February 01, 2018
Opponents say that leftist firebrand Andrés Manuel López Obrador is Putin’s favored candidate; he is brushing off the accusations of Russian interference in Mexico.
The Presidents Club dinner was held in the Dorchester Hotel, a contender for London’s poshest location. (Philip Toscano/PA, File via AP)
David Stewart February 01, 2018
Reports that dozens of “hostesses” were sexually harassed at the Presidents Club fundraiser led several charities to return donations from the event.
Young demonstrators gather outside Parliament in London Oct. 24 to call for more child refugees to be allowed asylum and safe passage to the United Kingdom. (CNS photo/Mary Turner, Reuters)
David Stewart February 01, 2018
J.R.S. contends that it is deliberate government policy to make life for refugees as difficult as possible.