Advocates of programs to support non-public schools say that they are implemented at the state level within existing agencies and question the claim by Ms. DeVos that a federal law would lead to more bureaucracy.
Black Lives Matter activists lead a protest in Grand Central Terminal, in New York City, in December 2014. (iStock/pardsbane)
Ellen K. Boegel May 17, 2018
The effects of white privilege in law enforcement makes it clear that the promise of racial equality in the United States is still unrealized.
J.D. Long-García May 16, 2018
The Department of Homeland Security ignored warnings from top officials at the State Department by ending T.P.S. for Hondurans on May 4.
Loyola University New Orleans is one of several Catholic colleges facing what they hope are temporary budgetary challenges. (iStock/Gregory Kurpiel)
All colleges face budget challenges, but Catholic schools must also contend with marketing to an increasingly secular applicant pool.
David Stewart May 15, 2018
The most recent member of the current Conservative Party administration to be shown the door, Ms. Amber Rudd, was partly responsible for perpetuating an unpleasant and morally dubious policy that her predecessor in that office had introduced.
Dallas Auxiliary Bishop Gregory Kelly (left) and Bishop Edward J. Burns (right) meet with local law enforcment during a Dallas Area Interfaith meeting last November. Photo courtesy Dallas Area Interfaith
J.D. Long-García May 15, 2018
“They want to know who they’re talking to,” Father Forge said of police. “Well, we already issue our volunteers with ID cards, so we jumped on that.”