Pemex’s network of pipelines is an easy target for gangs who puncture the ducts and siphon the fuel to sell. (Esdelval/iStock)
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Jan-Albert HootsenJune 22, 2017
Thieves are puncturing fuel pipelines in Mexico and siphoning profits from the national oil company.
Los Angeles ordinations in 2017. Photo courtesy of the Jesuit Conference.
Faith Dispatches
Jim McDermottJune 21, 2017
The consolidation is a work in progress. The brethren have mixed feelings about it, and their provincials know it.
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Rhona TarrantJune 20, 2017
The international press lauded the election of an openly gay son of an Indian immigrant as a sign of how progressive our tiny little island had become.
The infamous garage octopus. Photo courtesy of Richard Conlin.
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Tim PadgettJune 16, 2017
Rising seas due to global warming have rendered the coastal high-water marks more obsolete by the day. That is especially true in the Miami area, which every media report on sea-level rise seems to profile as ground zero for deluge doom.
Archbishop Jean Zerbo of Bamako, Mali, is among five new cardinals to be created by Pope Francis at a June 28 Vatican consistory. (CNS photo/Nicolas Remene, EPA) 
Faith Dispatches
Kevin ClarkeJune 15, 2017
Pope Francis will create five new cardinals at a consistory in Rome scheduled for June 28.
People participate in a protest on Feb. 11 against U.S. President Donald Trump's immigration policy and the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids in New York City. (CNS photo/Stephanie Keith, Reuters)
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Catholic bishops pledged to be more proactive in laying out a vision for comprehensive immigration reform.