Under scrutiny is Mississippi’s statute protecting most prenatal children beyond 15 weeks of gestation.
Charles C. CamosyMay 28, 2021

Rich countries could prevent the next India. Will they?

The speed and virulence of the Covid-19 outbreak in India have been among its most shocking aspects. Could an outbreak as ferocious happen somewhere else?

Catholic parishes in Germany to include gay and lesbian couples in planned ‘blessing services for lovers’

Catholic chaplains in parishes across Germany plan to invite people to “blessing services for lovers” on and around May 10.

What comes after the era of the parochial school?

February 6, 2019
“The 1950s were a time of recovery, the beginning of prosperity in the West,” Cardinal Czerny told the congregation, among whom were Hungarian clergy and laity, and diplomats from other countries. “There was even hope of new freedom in the Communist world
Pope Francis on Thursday denounced “aggressive” nationalism that rejects migrants, and said Catholics should follow the Gospel-mandated call for a welcoming church that doesn’t distinguish between “natives and foreigners, residents and guests.”
The tough psychological situation confronting migrants started prior to the inauguration of President Joe Biden in January, but it has continued under his administration.
Refugees and displaced persons are not just the concern of "progressives," but a broad concern of Americans, including Catholics.
Bill McCormick, S.J.April 19, 2021