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One of Father Mora’s former students wanted me to know that he was much more to her than just another name, another victim, another number in Mexico’s spiraling civil violence.
Kevin ClarkeJune 22, 2022

In Nicaragua, the Ortega regime steps up efforts to silence civil society—especially the Catholic Church

Human rights in Nicaragua have deteriorated since a political crisis in 2018 pitted the increasingly authoritarian Ortega government against democracy and political reform advocates.

‘Crime has spread everywhere’: Mexican bishops respond to the killing of two Jesuit priests

The bishops’ statement followed the slayings of two Jesuits and a person they were protecting in their parish—a crime attributed to a local crime boss in a part of the country dominated by drug cartels.

What comes after the era of the parochial school?

February 6, 2019
The archbishop of San Antonio offered prayers for 46 people found dead and another 16 survivors discovered June 27 in sweltering conditions in a semi-truck. Four more later died after being taken to hospitals.
“Migration is a complex issue, but it is not resolved by delegating our roles and responsibilities to other countries,” said Bishop Paul McAleenan.
Kevin ClarkeJune 14, 2022
“Haitians have been making their way north, trying to find a safer, more prosperous place” to work and live.
Kevin ClarkeMay 9, 2022
New York Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan said he was surprised and inspired by Ukrainians he met when he made a brief visit to Lviv, Ukraine.