A prominent figure in United Nations efforts to help women in Africa escape poverty, Margaret Snyder was inspired by her parents and by Catholic mentors from her hometown.
Benjamin IvryFebruary 16,2021

Africa was winning the Covid-19 battle. Then came rising death rates (and waves of misinformation).

Leadership lapses and the spread of erroneous information and fear about possible treatments for the disease also threaten a successful Covid-19 response in Africa.

A church survey reveals how mothers in Brazil are struggling to care for newborns in prison.

The Brazilian Constitution secures the right of women who are incarcerated to breastfeed their babies for six months. The law also allows them to serve their time at home. The decision is left to a judge.

What comes after the era of the parochial school?

February 6,2019
Immigration advocates, including four bishops, sent a letter to President Biden on Jan. 28, urging his administration to restore asylum, offer protection over deterrence at the border and overhaul the current immigration policy.
J.D. Long-GarcíaJanuary 28,2021
Refugees “can’t obtain the Brazilian documents,” one local bishop said, “but they keep needing shelter, food and healthcare.”
Eduardo Campos LimaJanuary 25,2021
President Trump has virtually ended refugee admissions to the United States, Joshua P. Cohen writes, but Joe Biden can restore our leadership as a humanitarian nation.
Joshua P. CohenJanuary 21,2021
President Joe Biden has restarted the debate over immigration with a sweeping reform bill. Passage will not be easy, but the Catholic community can help achieve a long-overdue victory.
J. Kevin ApplebyJanuary 21,2021