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America Pilgrimages

America Media offers pilgrimages to the sacred places of our faith. These special trips, led by America’s Jesuit priests and other well-known Catholic leaders, offer unique opportunities to meet and join America readers and subscribers from around the country for mass, prayer, reflection, spiritual exploration and faith sharing. 

Upcoming pilgrimages:

St. Paul and the Early Christian Community: Greece
Under the Leadership of Father Sam Sawyer, S.J. and Father Michael Simone, S.J.
October 14-24, 2024

A pilgrimage that follows the footsteps of St. Paul and the Early Christian community, America’s journey to Greece will include many of the places and sites visited by St. Paul during his missionary efforts to build a strong and vibrant church. Reflecting on the early days of the Christian community in this region, we will visit sacred and ancient sites such as the Church of Hagia Sophia (Thessaloniki), Philippi, Berea, the burial cluster of Philip II of Macedon, the Byzantine monasteries of Meteora, Delphi, the Cathedral of St. Denis, the Agora in Athens, and Corinth, among others.

Brochure and registration available in early 2024

Ignatian Spain
Under the leadership of Father Sam Sawyer, S.J.
Spring 2025

A spiritual journey that celebrates the life and spirit of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Specific details are forthcoming, but this unique pilgrimage may include stops at:

Brochure and registration available in late summer 2024

For more information on a specific pilgrimage and/or to be notified of upcoming opportunities, please email Arose@americamedia.org.   

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group of pilgrims at lourdesgroup photo in spain


For a taste of one of our pilgrimages, watch this summary from a day on the Sea of Galilee from our 2015 pilgrimage.