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June 9-16, 2014

Vol. 210 / No. 5053

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Robert W. McElroyMay 28, 2014

Catholic teaching views the vocation of politics as a vital element in building up the kingdom of God on earth. Democracy is not merely a set of empty procedures, but instead a way to promote the dignity of the human person, respect for human rights and commitment to the common good. For this reason

Jessica MesmanMay 28, 2014

At the vernal equinox, the day when the earth’s equator passes the center of the sun, signaling the official end of our first long and brutal northern Michigan winter, our kitten, Bonny Kate, gave birth to a litter of six. We had noticed she was getting a little round in the belly. So were we,

Kevin ClarkeMay 28, 2014

Green doors and green porch trim mark the small shops that are—or were—owned by Muslims in the Point Kilometer 5 quarter of Bangui, the capital city of the Central African Republic. Many of them are open this morning in early May—more as you cruise closer to the city’s centra

Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.May 28, 2014

Catholic social teaching and the unapologetically nonideological pragmatism of F.D.R.

Our readersMay 28, 2014

Christ at CenterI very much appreciated “Redefining Success,” by Brian B. Pinter (5/12). After 27 years teaching at the college level, I am more and more convinced of the crucial importance of the formation in faith that students receive in high school. It is often determinative for thei

The EditorsMay 28, 2014

The most over-rewarded players in American health care push paper, not pills.

Faith Faith and Reason
Daniel J. DalyMay 28, 2014

It does not necessarily follow that because a teacher has violated church teaching, and his or her contract, that he or she should be terminated.