America Journeys

Holy Land 2019

February 22-March 3

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus in the Holy Land

Under the leadership of Fr. James Martin, S.J.
Editor at Large, America and author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

With Fr. Matt Malone, S.J.—President/Editor in Chief, America
Mr. James Cappabianca—Group Coordinator, America


Pilgrimage Itinerary

Feb. 23
Arrival in Tel Aviv / transfer to Mount of Beatitudes
Holy Land Pilgrimage 2019: Reflections from Ignatian Educators
Feb. 24
Mount of Beatitudes: Visit Sea of Galilee sites
Holy Land 2019: Capernaum, Tabgha and Primacy of Peter
 Holy Land 2019: Jesus as Man and God
Feb. 25
Mount of Beatitudes: Excursion to Nazareth & Cana
Holy Land 2019: Nazareth & Cana
Feb. 26
Mount of Beatitudes visit & boat ride on Sea of Galilee
Holy Land 2019: Encountering Mary Magdalene
Feb. 27
Mount of Beatitudes: Baptismal Site / Bethany / Jerusalem
Holy Land 2019: We welcomed a new Christian at the site of Jesus' baptism
Feb. 28
Jerusalem: Excursion to Bethlehem
Holy Land 2019: A not so silent night in Bethlehem
Mar. 1
Jerusalem: Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre & Old City
Holy Land 2019: Where do we go from here?
Mar. 2
Jerusalem: Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre & Old City

Perez Anderson
That my family follows our teaching to forgive one another as God has forgiven us.

Kevin Beck
Please pray for Fr. Stu and the repose of his mother's soul. And please pray for their entire family.

Consuelo De La Garza
For my son, Jesus Ramon De La Garza, that he return to the Church.

Please pray for my gay son , that he finds true joy and happiness , & that his heart be opened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Also pray for my daughter , that she is healed of her battle with depression . I am praying for you all on your pilgrimage . Thank you !

Bonnie Weissman
"1. That Nancy B recovers from bone cancer. 2. Paola MT recovers from her abusive marriage and divorce, emerges from her deep depression, and finds suitable work. 3. That Wendy W married her BF if it is God' will. 4. That Sarah A. And her family stay healthy and begin to attend Mass regularly. 5. That Charles B and Marley H, local children with brain cancer beat this terrible disease. Thank you for your prayers."

Sarah Amira
I am feeling that the logistics and the inspiration/readiness of my life are out of sync...I feel ready to let go of so much I have spent my life doing, but I am obligated for three more years before I can retire from my commitments in my work. I am so tired. I want to go deeper in prayer and find answers. I feel vulnerable.

"1) That my mom will be healed of her mental illness & the psychological trauma of her abusive childhood. 2) That I may be healed of my anger towards her and also toward others. 3) For healing for my family."

Ellen Potter
For my granddaughter Piper--that the doctors may find the correct medication to treat her mental illness and the teachers and people she comes in contact with daily may treat her with kindness and mercy.

Rosemary Lorenz
"For a successful outcome to my spinal surgery on Tuesday, March 5....and That my granddaughter and grandson may soon be baptized and come to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ."

Jim Wilson
My granddaughter will be testifying in court next week. She will be facing the man who sexually abused her when she was a young child. Please pray for her.

Monica Tecson
I would like to request for the eternal repose of the soul of my father, Abelardo C, Sabino, and spiritual strength for his loving wife, Minerva and daughters. Monica and Cecilia

Mary McGlone
Please pray that God will open all of our minds to healing the political and spiritual rifts between all of us. I also pray God will lead our children into a relationship with Jesus and that my hubby and I learn to respect our varying views and help us to grow closer as a couple.

Kathy Rokosz
"Happiness and financial help for Annie House sale for Hope Healing and a job for Sarah"

Please Lord keep Liz and Dave safe and fill them with the Holy Spirit on their travels. Please pray for the health of my entire family and Dawn. Allow us to overcome our shortcomings and support each other in all our pursuits. Thank you Lord for all your Blessings and help us to remember to give over our lives to you!

"A successful pregnancy for Kristy and Paul A job for Jurek "

For inner strength and guidance in the ongoing responsibility of care for my elderly mother. For renewed and rediscovered love, patience, friendship and understanding within my marriage. For a spiritual reawakening and reassurance for all 3 of us. Thank you! May God bless you and keep all of you safe on your travels!

Anthony Petrosino
Praying for a reflective retreat for John Raslowsky and his colleagues.

Laurie Hathman
For my sister-in-law who broke her hip on Monday and has other health issues. That she knows God is with her on the journey to recovery and that It' God' will for her to recover fully. Thank you and God bless your sacred journey.

David Costa
"Please pray for Michael Peterson seriously ill with Parkinson's . Please pray for 12 year old twins, Caleb and Kaitlyn, who are struggling with a rare inflammatory disease for which there is no cure. Please pray for Jennifer Roy, Karen Laroche, and Sharon Anderson -- three faithful Christians who are searching for new jobs to continue to serve God using their diverse skills, credentials, and experiences. "

Please pray for my family ,granddaughters , that they may make safe and wise choices ,in this world we live in and never forget the love of God. Is always there.

Carol DeLuca
For Frank DeLuca.

Catherine Gutierrez
"I ask for healing for my 53 year old son Martin~ who has congested heart failure ~ he wants to see his 15 year old son grow up~ in Jesus name I ask. "

Susan Cirigliano
Friend Janet diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday. Thank you!

I ask for prayer that God will bless me with work that I enjoy, that I will have more than enough money to meet all of my needs, that my health will improve, that I will find more joy in life and that I will continue to walk with Jesus Christ as my Lord, provider, friend, and way-shower. Thank you. Amen.

Victoria Papeo
Please pray that I will be cancer free and healthy once again. Thank you.

Julie Charles
Please pray for my Aunt Cathleen who is at the end of her life here on Earth. She's 96 and we're praying for a swift peaceful transition into Jesus' loving arms.

Julia Johnston
For Michael Cohen and his family who have been threatened because he will tell the truth in his testimony before Congress. Please see cc of his testimony on NYTimes website.

Christine Banaszek
Please pray for the physical and spiritual healing of my parents, Linda and Rock, and of my husband, Pawel. Please pray for my friend Jenny on her upcoming career change. Please pray for me also that I may overcome the present trials of my life, in Jesus' name.

"For Healing and for Meaningful work "

Hiba Osmani
Kindly Pray for Soheb Osmani and me (his mother).

Roleen Walgenbach
For the healing of my nephew who has Duchennes muscular dystrophy. Is unable to walk and for his parents, brother and sister.

Suzanne baumgartner
For my brother, Fr. Tom, who is in hospice care- retired priest.

Please give thanks to God for all the blessings, big and small, the ones that we know of and the ones that we don't know of, that my daughter and I have received and for all of our benefactors supporting us in good and bad times. Also, pray for all of our benefactors, including the ones attending the prayer requests, that God may protect them night and day, inside and outside of their homes, that the Divine Providence accompany them each month and may the Lord give them His love and grace every day of their lives. Finally, I would humbly like to ask you to pray for us, may God strengthen our faith, hope and trust in Him and may accompany us with his Divine Providence to live life with human dignity and allow us to returns his favor, and become blessings for those who need us. Thank you.

Candace Michael
please help me and my sister Lislet with our health so we can walk and enjoy our grandchildren

Judith Campbell
"For my friend, who is a priest. For courage and the grace of a new beginning in his ministry as he continues to bring people to Discipleship and works to save souls. For my sister who has just been diagnosed with MS. For my daughter who is experiencing liver issues and they haven't been able to determine why. For my grandson, who has autism and struggles with it daily. For my dad. My family and extended family members. For their health and well-being. For myself. That I too have the courage. Strength and good health I need to support my family and friends."

May all of you on this pilgrimage receive the blessings from walking in the footsteps of Our Lord - as my father did growing up in Jerusalem and Bethlehem almost 100 years ago. Selfishly, I ask for the strength to accept whatever the good Lord has in store for me, my health and the physical and spiritual health of my loved ones. We are in need of prayers for the innocent and weak who cannot defend themselves, those who need to see the truth and the light and and those who are blinded by power. God Bless you all. Thank you.

M Zabo
Strength and faith for my sons to avoid alcohol and find help for alcohol addiction. Spiritual and physical health for the family. Thank you.

Sarah Signorino
For diagnosis and healing of chronic pain for my husband, Jerod.

Kate Springs
Please prayer for Pope Francis in this terribly difficult time of his Papacy.

Kate Springs
"For the repose of the soul of my son Sean Michael Collins who died by Suicide on 08/07/2002 and for those who suffer from depression. He was a man who loved the poor. Thank you Fr Jim"

Claudia Meyer
For my son and daughter to experience our Lord and his purpose for their lives. To open their hearts to being open to their best lives with His guidance.

Sylvia Sullivan
Please pray for my son's health. We have a complicated family health issue. He has a loving wife and two wonderful children. His name is John. Thank you.

Sheila Whalen
For a special health-related intention of my youngest daughter.

Debra Krummel
Please pray for me and my fellow pilgrims as we embark to the Holy Land March 10-22, 2019.

Lord, Please hear my prayers for my family and myself. Amen.

For continued healing and for my children and grandchildren may find faith in Jesus.

"For Kim and Bev, for healing and comfort. Thank you. "

For renewed faith for my daughter, Kate. She is having a crisis of faith and I am asking for prayers for her.

For my family and continued healing from my bipolar disorder.

Please pray that my best friend, Terry, who is post-surgery for colon cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy; that he will remain safe, happy, holy, and that he will ultimately be healthy again. Keep him comfortable and encouraged by the Lord's healing hands that all will be well again and his life will return to normalcy. Amen, and thank you!

Please pray that my best friend, Terry, who is post-surgery for colon cancer and is now undergoing chemotherapy; that he will remain safe, happy, holy, and that he will ultimately be healthy again. Keep him comfortable and encouraged by the Lord's healing hands that all will be well again and his life will return to normalcy. Amen, and thank you!

Pat Hayes
Please pray for our country. It is so divided and not in good hands.

Terry Moyer
"World and family peace An end to Infanticide and the road we seem to be taking for caring for others.Thanksgiving for all God's Blessings."

William Baker
"From Dennis Baker' s, SJ father... Firstly safe travels! A prayer (s), if you get the chance, for our newest members of the family: Charlie & Benny Butcher. Benny with Downs Syndrome has had a particularly tough time, but is a tough little guy and doing better. So, prayers of gratitude and for healthier days ahead would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for you do for us Bakers.!"

Mary A Bills
"My brother Phil's leukemia is back with a vengeance. Could you please pray for his healing and for our 93 year old mother? Thanks and peace to all, Mary"

Kathleen Dougherty
Improved Health for: Michael Lewis, Sandra Matthews, and Orv and Linda Potts. For healing and rehabilitation in our church.

I pray that the love of my life reach out to me for peace between us.

Julie Defayette
"Healing for my back and for my husband Clifford, Thank you. Julie"

Prayers for you all on your amazing trip! Prayers for health and happiness also!

A Maes
Im asking for prayers of peace, forgiveness, love and health for all my family immediate and extended. Prayers for Nevaeha, Isaiah, Isaac, Iliana and Travis to have be blessed with loyal friends, encouraging leadership in school/work and to be protected by the lord and free from all evil. Prayers for healing and relief for my brother whos suffering the worst effects of diabetes and is in need of a kidney donation.

A Maes
Im asking for prayers of peace, forgiveness, love and health for all my family immediate and extended. Prayers for Nevaeha, Isaiah, Isaac, Iliana and Travis to have be blessed with loyal friends, encouraging leadership in school/work and to be protected by the lord and free from all evil. Prayers for healing and relief for my brother whos suffering the worst effects of diabetes and is in need of a kidney donation.

Sister Alice Schaebler
For my intentions and those who have asked for special prayers at this time. Thank you.

David Roy
I pray for freedom from addiction to alcohol. Your will God, not mine.

To have strength, patience, and guidance to get through troubles of life. Prayers for my family that God protects, heals, and guides them every day of there lives.

David Martinez
Please pray for my daughter Gabriella, who has thyroid issues, pray that her biopsy shows no cancer, and that her bloodwork tells the doctors what is wrong.

Kathy McCleary
Please pray for my 8-month-old grand niece "Edy" who will have heart surgery on March 26th: both for her for healing and strength and for her parents whose hearts and faith are strong but surely worried. Thank you!

"For family members who recently lost a son and brother to suicide. for Anthony in his job search."

Dee Kittany
For all my family and extended family, especially for several members in need of physical, emotional or spiritual healing. May our loving God bless them with light and strength.

Kathy Petrie
"For my children and grandchildren who are dealing with life issues that are greatly impacting their lives. Please pray for them to have strength and find peace and resolution through God's grace and love. Thank you and God bless you all on your pilgrimage. "

Mary Fox
I often say the morning news is my call to prayer. This morning I heard a heartbroken father from the US searching for his wounded children whose mother had joined ISIS and fled with their children to Syria. She was killed. His voice seemed to hold all the sorrow of the world. Please pray for him that our government can continue to help him find his young son and daughter.

Pat Reilly
Prayers for daughter-in-law in clinical trial for ALS. A thirty year R.N. With autistic son. Lord sustain her.

Marie Cannella
Prayers for the suffering children in Syria and Yemen.

Kelley Fisher
Prayers for Shelly's Voice and that I am called to a job that values all people no matter their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Barbara Merritt
Please pray for my son, Brendan, who is suffering with chronic pain from neurofibromatosis, and for my son, Kyle, who is questioning his faith in light of the recent atrocities uncovered in the Catholic clergy.

Maria Barbalho
Prayers for the immigrants,the poor,my community Saint Vincent Catholic Church,Pope Francis and the church all over the world,for the invisible in our society,for every family in the world,for you father Martin and the people who is traveling with you

Nicole DiMarco
"For my daughters, Lucia and Lydia. For my father and his heart, John DiMarco. For my mother, Elaine DiMarco. Thank you! Safe journey!"

teresa armstrong
Our son, Paul needs prayers. Please pray that the Holy Spirit comes into his heart and guides him on a difficult part of his life. He is emotionally fragile and just needs grace to help him be spiritually, emotionally strong. Thank you!!

Mary Angela Brinton
That my love and trust in the leaders of our Church return.

Natalie Hleba
That my mom will not have to wait long on the list for long term care and for my dad who is taking care of her and is burning out. I pray for their marriage to be strengthened during this difficult time of my mom's health care.

Mary Roos
The healthy birth of my great niece.

Jes√∫s Aceves-Loza
"For my sister and her daughters who are living a trying time in Mexico. May God accompany them and take them under his love every second. Thank you very much. "

My husband and I desire so much to welcome a child in our life. Please pray with us.

For help in overcoming this trial. For unconditional love and mercy from the Lord.

Mary Turco
"Eileen Dillon Thomas Dillon Patricia Turco"

"Please pray for a miracle cure on behalf of my 30 year old daughter, Caitlin Jean Posch. She has primary spinal cord cancer that has spread to her bones and brain. We are told, the disease in this form, is an extreme rarity. I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus and Mother of all mothers, my hero Mother Mary."

Jason Edwards
"Fr. Martin, Please keep my brother, William Edwards IV in your prayers while at the Holy Land. He unexpectedly passed away in a car accident at age 35, almost three years ago. I pray that he is at peace in heaven, free of any earthly burdens he experienced. I'll be keeping you and your minstry in my prayers. "

James McVey
That my brother and sister will reconcile.

Jo-Ann Flora SND
"For two friends who are seriously Ill. Thank you!"

John Sherlock
My prayer is that God would bless my three children and all my family

Jo-Ann Flora SND
"For two friends who are seriously I'll. Thank you!"

Pray for the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Gaza who are suffering under an illegal occupation.

Mary Ann Grossman

Please pray for healing in a difficult relationship with someone whom I love who is suffering from untreated bipolar disorder. Please also pray that they reach out to someone for the help that they need to begin on a personal path of healing. Amen

Rosemarie DeGeorge
For my husband Joe as he goes through a series of medical tests

Anne Born
Please pray for my family.

Lulu Rockett
Lord, I am in need of guidance. Please show me the way. But more than my problem, help all those who have lost home and family,those who are wandering and have so little hope as their own, those who are hurting, abused. Approaching death. My problem is so small, Lord, focus on those with greatest need

M√°rta Fazakas
Please pray for our Catholic Church that the exploration/revelation of all those sexual abuse and harassment issues would serve the purgation of the Church and support the healing process of the victims. God have mercy!

Please pray that I recover from this ongoing debilitating illness - thank you.

Maureen kenneally
"If you have a moment, a prayer would be ideal. For my family to experience good health now and in the future. For peace in my extended family. Also, for you to have a safe trip! Thank you and May God bless you. Thank you. Maureen "

Melinda DSilva
"For my family...for good health and protection from all harm and evil. For strength and help in times of trouble. "

Sara Aguilera
My daughter Christina (41). He husband Rito (46) died in a tragic accident on the 9th. That she may always feel God's presence and know that God loves her. For peace, healing and God's comfort. May our Blessed Mother wrap her in her mantle of love and protection.

Please pray for my eldest son, OJ, whose marriage is deeply broken; may he and his wife reconcile. Thank you and God bless your pilgrimage.

Wanda Barquin
Dear God Father, in the name of your son Jesus and with the love of our beloved Mother Virgin Mary, please help my nieces to be reconciled soon and get close to our beloved Church for the rest of their life, along with their children. Some progress has being made after praying to the Divine Child in Colombia. Thank you for Your generosity and all You have given me. Big hug, W

Andhika Rahardyanto-Indonesia
"prayers for : • Christine, Johan, Rossa and her husband and her kid. May they always health and always remember Jesus. • My neighbours : may peace and prosper along with them • My self : may God give a lovely and faithful wife, may God bestow fortune for me"

Mary Suilmann
For Francis and Elaine Suilmann, Sandi Suilmann, Brian Suilmann and Terry Snoeyenbos

"Please pray for my daughter at this time who is lost to addiction. It has been a 10 year' struggle and hope is wearing thin. The Evil of addiction ensures that she is unreachable to counsel or. guidance. The evil of addiction has stolen her moral compass. Please pray that enlightenment may be possible for her and that she can turn her life around. Thank you"

Elaine Nortz
"Healing for Karen "

"That God comforts a widow whom I know, who has lost her beloved husband to cancer...and that a dear doctor friend of mine gets her local dermatology placement. She is warm and clever and compassionate and deserves this chance. And for my dad, always. "

Maureen DeRose
Please pray that my daughter is returned to full and complete good health. She had been through a lot and I hope more than anything that our Lord will bless her with recovery from her conditions. Thank you!

Please pray for me , I will be under going a breast MRI on Friday March 1st and also for my son, who has ADHD and my cousin Jean who broke both her ankles . Thank you. I will pray for a safe and peaceful journey for ya'll! Tiffany

Barbara Takats
Dear Father, please remember all my family in your prayers there in the Holy Land. We recently lost my brother Johnny, and it's been very hard especially for his kids, Jeffrey and Kandise. Also please pray for Fr. Tim Gollub, our dear priest, who has always been there for us, and helped my brother on his journey to Heaven. Thank you so much, and will keep you in my prayers. Safe travels and bless you for all that you do.

Sara Knight
For my father-in-law who has stage 4 melonoma. For my three year old son who is having developmental problems.

Rosemary Collopy
Please pray for my brother, Bob, who is undergoing radiation and chemo for brain cancer. He is a wonderful guy. Please pray for healing, strength and continued faith. Thank you.

Laura Bini
"That Pres.Trump will be removed from the presidency and this country will heal. For the people of Venezuela that they may be free. That the refugees and asylum seekers will be welcomed here in America"

"For God to show my son a path, and for my grand baby due in September. Sincere thanks"

A Maes
I pray for my children Nevaeha, Isaiah, Isaac & Iliana to grow in faith and always love, protect and be good to eachother. I pray for the youths in my community to be kind and encouraging to one another.

A Maes
I pray for my children Nevaeha, Isaiah, Isaac & Iliana to grow in faith and always love, protect and be good to eachother. I pray for the youths in my community to be kind and encouraging to one another.

Carol Goodson
If God wills, that I will be permitted to make canonical Vows with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia KS.

Sr. Lucia LaMontagne
healing from a painful medical condition

"Please Lord, I ask you to bring my sons back into your Church, as well as my daughter-in-law and my granddaughter. Give physical and emotional health to my special friend Mino. Bless my sister, all my relatives and friends. Give all of us the gift of the Holy Spirit that each one of us will journey the path you want us to travel. Thank you, Lord. Amen."

Jane Snyder
"Please pray for peace in our world, in our countries and in our families. Pray for those who are in need, hungry, homeless, ill, discouraged. Pray for Pope Francis, for strength on his journey and strength to those who accompany him."

Anne Murphy
I pray for the health and safety of my family, the children separated from their parents at the border, and the safe delivery of the unborn.

Marianne Basila
Please pray for Christopher 42, married father of 2 young children. That a new kidney is found for him soon. He has polycystic kidney disease and has had one kidney removed and has relied on dialysis for a few years.

"For an outpouring of peace & love in the world where people treat each other with respect & kindness. For the spiritual, mental & physical health, safety & happiness for my children Julia & Christopher. Lastly for my peace of mind, restorative sleep, peaceful marriage and to be fulfilling Gods divine will for my life work to enhance & serve the world! God bless all of you on your trip to the Holy land!

Paula DeMarkey
"For an outpouring of peace & love in the world where people treat each other with respect & kindness. For the spiritual, mental & physical health, safety & happiness for my children Julia & Christopher. Lastly for my peace of mind, restorative sleep, peaceful marriage and to be fulfilling Gods divine will for my life work to enhance & serve the world! God bless all of you on your trip to the Holy land!

"My brother Franny and my nephew Jamie. Please remember them in prayer. Both serious health issues Thank you Go in peace as you travel this holy place "

Denise McCarthy
Pray for the victims of abuse by Catholic priests. Pray for all children in this world who are being physically, sexually and verbally abused. Pray for the people of Venezuela and the people of Yemen, Iran, and South Korea, and all other suffering citizens of the world.

For happy futures for my son and my daughter. Thank you.

Jeanie S.
Please pray for a miracle for Sean, a college freshman who was badly injured in a three-story fall down a stairwell. Please also pray for Ruth who was paralyzed from the waist down following a stroke. God bless all of you on your pilgrimage.

Dave Fladlien
Father, Please pray for healing of my Special Lady's left eye, which suffered serious and nominally permanent damage as an after-effects of an eye injury. Thank you.

"Please, pray that I may find at 85 a purpose in life. My heart is hurting. Thank you. I pray for you all."

Jewelry lost, fear of riding,health issues of knee and shoulder ...body help.

Linda Tucciarone
For my daughter Laura her husband Ryan and their son Kaleb. Also that I may feel at peace.

Pat Mengel, ihm
"For all who suffer from cancer; for their loved ones, doctors, and caregivers. For a woman named Diana who is seriously ill. May God and grace travel with each of you. Thank you for taking our prayers with you."

Sr. Donna Conroy
I know you will be praying for peace and reconciliation in our world, so....Please pray for me during my time of ministry transition as I listen to God's fond desires for me, as I grow old! Thank you very much. I know you will all be safe!

Kimberley Bassi-Cook
Please pray for my heart to know what direction God is calling or leading me in my work and what is best for my family.. May God keep you as you walk in the step of Jesus.

Jane B. Clark
Healing and strength for Jenifer, Kathy and Rita, their care teams and caregivers.

Nina Snett
"Good health for my family especially my brothers, Rene and Raul. Good will amongst the family, may we understand each other better. Peace to all creatures in the world. May we learn to live in harmony together. Thank you."

Fran Clarida
For my daughter and grandson. They are in an abusive situation with a husband/father who is an addict. Grandson is struggling in school and daughter is struggling to make it through each day.

For God to please restore my body to its natural state of good health.

Fiona Foley
Pray for my son Sean .Thank you.This means alot 5t o me.

Casey Burns
Pray for Kenya.

For my children to stay in the Church and for their faith to increase; for a change in employment; for the bishops to be open to the Holy Spirit in dealing with the abuse in the Church and for the victims of the abuse; for a few personal intentions; for peace in the Holy Land

Samir Madden
Please pray for my mom, Beth Madden, as she recovers from major surgery on her right hand. In addition please pray for my dad, Bill Madden. Finally please pray for my godmother, Pat Kurdelski.

Susan O'Connor
For my sister-in-law's mother, Helen Halwas, who passed away last night, Sunday, February 24, 2019. God Bless

Yolanda Mendez
Prayers for my family health and happiness, for my brothers and sisters health, for my daughter and my son career, for Peace around the World, for the Pope and for all the people that are sick, sad and in needs. Amen

Zulma Mendez
I would like to ask to pray for all my family, specially for our physical health but most for our spiritual health. We need our God's care. I also like to pray for peace all over the world. Peace in all countries. Amen!

Linda K.
The Lord knows what I need. Please remind Him that I continue to await in hope. Thank you. Safe travels and blessings.

Anne Maddox

Maire Liberace
"That my daughters Ellen and Mairead get full employment that they desperately need. For healing and reconciliation for James and his daughter and in gratitude for all God has given me."

Marlon Pacheco
On March 14, my 3 month old baby girl, Talita Marie, will be going through surgery. I ask that you all help us pray so everything goes okay. You are all in my prayers, God bless you all.

Please pray for that I get my braces of before Easter I have them on for 2 year now please pray for me that I will get them of before Easter & I have pulled the muscle on my wrist please pray for me that it will heal & go away amen

Juanita Rodriguez
Please pray for my Mom Lourdes Rodriguez and her surgeon and medical team. She has major Surgery on Tuesday February 26th.

Patricia Facultad
Please pray for my family and our ability to provide for the needs of my son. Please also pray for us working for the World Food Programme, that we may continue to be courageous and tenacious in bringing peace and ending hunger in the world.

maureen fiebich 
"for family unity for safety of all family members for continued hope in healing "

Patricia Facultad
Please pray for my family and our ability to provide for the needs of my son. Please also pray for us working for the World Food Programme, that we may continue to be courageous and tenacious in bringing peace and ending hunger in the world.

Juanita Rodriguez
Please pray for my Mom Lourdes Rodriguez and her surgeon and medical team. She has major Surgery on Tuesday February 26th.

Please pray for that I get my braces of before Easter I have them on for 2 year now please pray for me that I will get them of before Easter & I have pulled the muscle on my wrist please pray for me that it will heal & go away amen

Mickey Marquez
Please pray that my nephew, Frank, afflicted with addiction and anxiety , is returned to a life of fatherhood, medicine, brilliance, and our Church. He suffers, his family suffers, he struggles with his faith.

Judy michalek
"For the safe delivery of our grandchild and that her parents daily help her grow in faith, hope, and love Healing for my brother Bob and husband Mike And I'll be praying for all of you!"

"Please pray for the health, safety and well being of mind, body & spirit of the members of the Sutowski, Kivlin & Shurtz families. Thank you and prayers for all of you. May you have a safe and spiritual enhancing experience in the Holy Land. "

Patricia Travis
For all those on the pilgrimage (I did the same itinerary just last Sept.) will experience the renewed joy of knowing Jesus as they walk in His footsteps and carry the memories of this pilgrimage with them forever!

Judy Maloney
For our son John and his children.


Therese Armstrong
"Please pray for the soul's of my beautiful Mum Josephine and my beautiful Sister Goretti who passed away almost 3 years ago. I love and miss so very much. Please pray for my family members to find their way back to their faith. And for health and happiness. And"

Pamela Novak
Healing for my sister-in-law Gale of her metastatic cancer.

Richard A Horner
Please pray for pain relief from my joint pain. Also pray for the health of myself and Mimi.

Rita Baareto
My friend and neighbor Jim who is 88 years old is in hospital with breathing problems due to cancer. His 84 year old wife Monica is exhausted and very tired. She is distraught as they have told her to bring in Vitas Hospice care. They have been married over 60 years. Prayers for strength and recovery please.

Mary novotny
"For my four adult children, my daughter-in-law, and my son's boyfriend, that they will find a deep relationship with God in their lives. For all people suffering from mental illness and their families. For our world today that love and compassion will take over everything. For the Loreto Sisters and all priests and women religious. For me, that I get out of my Ego and be what God wants me to be. For all LGBTQ people that they will k ow that they are loved and accepted. For my 94 year old Mom that she will have a. Happy death."

Barbara McCooe
Buddy Foster (CliftonG. Foster). Very ill-on Hospice. A miracle for his recovery or peace and prayers

Lynne Sullivan
For my mother and sister and for myself as I am trying to discern my own journey.

Pat Torre
Healing and strength for James and for all who try to support him in his addiction

Nancy burje
My son Joseph burke

Mary Corcoran
For direction in next vocational stage. For healing and peace. Safe travels for those on the trip.

Kathy Bishop
Please pray for my son, Timothy, and his fellow first year novices from the UCS Province, who begins his own pilgrimage today.

Please pray for the safety and wellbeing of my family and I. It's the most important thing. I would also like to ask for a prayer to improve my family's personal situation. Thank you, and God bless <3

Please pray for my family and for peace in Ukraine!! ❤️ thank you

Judy michalek
"For the safe delivery of our grandchild and that her parents daily help her grow in faith, hope, and love Healing for my brother Bob and husband Mike And I'll be praying for all of you!"

Frances Martin
"Please pray for Dominic and Chris as they take the California Bar Exam on Tuesday and Wednesday of this upcoming week! They are proven good men and devote a great deal of time to feeding the homeless in Los Angeles! "

Please pray for all the priests, sisters and religious who are faithfully and joyfully living their vows during this very challenging time, that they may always remain hopeful and know how much they are loved

Lee Glenn
"I am a 61 year old man suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I have lost my ability to walk, my hands are crippled, plus my diaphragm is losing strength which makes breathing extremely labored. So, I have to be on a non-invasive ventilator at night. Please pray that God will heal me and save me. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I put my trust in Him. Thanks"

Margaret McCorry
I ask you to pray for me in the Holy Land, that doctors find a long-term treatment for my Stage 4 lung cancer that keeps me healthy and productive, rejoicing in God's great gifts, including my beloved family. Thank you.

Andrew Payne
Please pray for my wife and I as we look for a new place to live. Please pray for me that I will be able to perform well at my new job and be able to successfully manage the stress and difficulties that accompany my current situation.

Irene C. Wodkiewicz Wheat
Please help Larry through this latest health issues. I need some support, too. Jezu Ufam Tobie! Jesus I trust in You!

Joann. ONeill
"I am asking for prayer that God uses me for something, anything, for the good of our Church and the good of His Body. "

Linda cafarella
Spiritual healing

Please pray for my husband's surgery and recovery to go well, for our youngest daughter and her husband to have a safe trip to South Africa, and for all of our family: the 2 of us, our children, their spouses and all of our grandchildren. May we all love and serve You, our Good God, always treasure the Eucharist, faithfully attend Mass, and pray every day all the days of our lives, so we can love and serve each other and those You put on the paths you have us walk. Thanks be to You, our Good God! Thank You, Blessed Mother and thanks to all our Saints. Thanks also to you, Father Martin for your prayers, ministry, and service.

Aida E Mendez-Boud
Please pray for my family and friends ‘ health. Especially for my niece. May dear God guise your pilgrimage.

Hungry, thirsty Children and their mothers

Sally Ann Glenn
A prayer of thanksgiving for the speedy recovery of my knee replacement.

Margaret A Ballantyne
Please pray for my son who suffers terribly from anxiety--it is holding him back from work, socializing, etc. Thank you.

Candace Michael
please alleviate the pain and difficulty walking for Lislet and Candace Michael, so we may enjoy our grandchildren.

Jen Williams
"Please pray for my friend Mary who has been experiencing seizures for the past 22 years. Medications and surgery have not helped. She, and her family, need some peace of mind."

Vanessa Vavala
For healing of mind, body, and spirit for Alex Scarpone, 20, who is battling leukemia and Kathy Wallen who is battling cancer.

MaryEllen Strozak
Prayers for healing for Denny, Sarah, Laurie, Tim, Stephen, Anne, Jim, Alexis, Billy, Liam, Charlie & Joan. Safe travels for myself and may those at home stay safe while I'm away.

Timothy Diamond
Please pray for Alan to stay nicotine free.

Cathy Halligan
"Rachel Corbin healing from cancer Sue McCormack healing from heart disease Health of a soon to be new baby "

Maria Kay
Return to church for my children. Christian spouse for my son

William Ashcom
I'm a sinner who prays for forgiveness by & thru the sacrafice of the body & blood of the most beloved son of God, Jesus Christ, who rose from the dead & ascended into heaven. Also, I am disabled & suffer constantly in pain.

Katarina Milicevic
"I have three general prayer requests, if that is ok: (1) For my mother, Ivica Milicevic, who was shockingly diagnosed with non-smoker Stage IV Lung Cancer in Nov 2018 at the young age of 61 (she never smoked, drank, etc), that the tumor shrinks and any and all cancer cells are killed and disappear forever, and that she be healed of the lung cancer (and the plural effusion which causes her pain). And for my mom to be open to any spiritual, emotional, mental healing she needs to go through during this journey, as well as becoming more open and a collaborator in her own healing. And for my family, to have courage, patience, faith, hope, and peace and JOY in our interactions, and for me, to have the guidance to know what to do for her, when to push and when not to push, so I can offer the best caregiving I can offer while also finding balance in taking care of myself and not affecting my own health negatively. (2) For my good friend's mom, Vera Miletic, who is currently in the ICU in a life-threatening situation, with a fever after undergoing a transfusion, that she pulls through and goes home to the care of her family. Six weeks ago she went into the hospital with rib pain and since then had 2 emergency surgeries to remove a cancerous tumor from her spine, hasn't regained mobility or use of her legs, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and after the 1st chemo, got a staph infection, pulmonary embolism, and pneumonia, and was then transferred to the ICU and intubated, and now she had the transfusion, and she has spent most of those weeks alone, without visitors, as the hospitals were on shut-down due to a flu epidemic. That after she pulls through and is able to go home from the ICU, she is healed of the non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and regains use of her legs and is mobile once again. (3) For the dozens and dozens and dozens of people I have met or read about or learned about in the past three months who are currently battling cancer, or are in remissions from cancer, all of their names are etched on my heart, and I pray for their healing as well. And for all those I know and have learned passed from cancer, that their souls are in peace in Heaven. I ask all of this, if it be the Will of God, in the name of Jesus Christ and for the sake of his Sorrowful Passion. Amen. Thank you, God, in advance. And thank you to America Journeys for praying for us and our intentions. "

Jeff Liguori
"Please pray for my son, Anthony, who has autism. He is a happy boy but the condition is a challenge for our family. I will pray that you all are safe while traveling. God Bless, Jeff"

María Angeles Villarreal
Please pray for peace and unity within my family and for the souls of my parents, Angelina Garcia de Villarreal and Victor Villarreal Guajardo, that they may be at peace and in the presence of Jesus Christ. Thank you. God bless you!

Fern Love
"For my daughter, Julia, who has a deep faith and struggles with severe depression that Jesus and the Holy Spirit bring her hope and an acceptance of her disease. For my husband, Daniel, that he find work and that God will show him love that will lead to him loving himself Thank you in advance and God bless you Father Martin and all who pilgrimage to the Holy Land. You often bring me comfort in this time of great confusion and pain in these times as a Catholic "

Lissel Vilaire-Cabeche
"I want to marry in the Catholic Church. I am currently married civil. "

Lisa Rochelle
Please pray for me and my mother. We are struggling to get by. We are in deep debt and need a financial miracle. . Thank you

Juliana Vengoechea
For migrant and refugee parents of young children facing the challenges of childcare while in transit ; specially those facing the hardship of involuntary separtion. For new parents learning how to best care for their children, and for those in hopeful prayer to become parents. May all find strength in the Lord at difficult times and the fullfilled promise of joyful and peaceful time together as a blessed family.

"*Family healing and harmony *Natalie and Tam ....healing of her breast cancer....and strength for Tam "

Elizabeth Bailey
A just peace for all life on esrth.

Bernard McKenna
For my father-in-law, Dominic Gonzon and for my wife Lisa Gonzon-to help her come to terms with her father's illness

Silvia A Villalobos
For the needs of my parents, brothers and their families, sisters and their families. For my sons and their families for their conversion for all the marriages specially in my family and my own. For our grandchildren.

John Graham IV
Please don't be at all content with tourism but bear a powerful witness to Christ.

"Please pray for discernment as I make some life altering decisions. Also, please pray for my son's continuing recovery from alcoholism. Having been on this pilgrimage with you two years ago, I will be following your progress closely. I will pray for your safety and for many blessings to be showered on you as you go. AMDG"

Lauren Wilson
Intentions of my heart with gratitude. Amen

Jodi O'Hern
"For my non profit to help end the trafficking of children, for badly needed funding and for my family and personal intention. Thank you, God speed and God bless. Jodi-Springfield Virginia "

Jean McMurray
Thank you for offering prayers for 1) the children, women and men who continue to suffer from the abuse inflicted on them by clergy 2) people of faith, myself included, to open our hearts and minds to see God in all things and 3) for all people to build bridges of peace, love and understanding.

Jeanette Jaworski
"Marilyn Shatinsky - my best friends mom who has stage 4 liver cancer Eugenie Rabbat- my mom who passed away April 2018 Thank you "

Mark Lieblang
May the pilgrimage be a time of faith, hope, love, growth and safety for Father Jim Martin and all on the pilgrimage. In thanksgiving for all of God'd s blessings and my Catholic faith. For Mom and John. For Stephany. For Tito and Eming. For Rich, Father Frank, Mary Alice, Aunt Ursula, For Pope Francis, Fr. Philip Boroughs, SJ, president of the College of the Holy Cross, and in thanksgiving for my Jesuit education. For Carlos, Michael and Philip and my parish community. For my eyes. For healing, strength, increase in faith, hope and love. For healing of sexual assault victims and the Church. For Arne, Andrea and my Austrian family. For healing and strength for Helga. For the safety of immigrants and refugees.

Joan Sabin
Strength and courage for Riley and Harper to make good decisions as navigate teen years

Karen fratantaro
That our parents' home is sold,that my niece and husband are able to get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby, that my son and daughter's job changes work out and that my brother heals the rift he created.

Susan Lacewell Clements
That my daughter, Julia, and I each find our right path / way / career to support us emotionally, creatively, financially and spiritually. AMDG. Thank you!!

Mark Bay
I need a job and direction in getting my life back together.

Rosemarie Wesner
"Dear Fr Martin, praying for you and all who travel w/you to the Holy Land. Please keep me and my family in your prayers for faith and acceptance. Include our United States government officials that they understand the needs of the poor and marginalized especially families separated by our government. Thank you and God Bless you for all you do for ALL Catholics and all people."

Rosemary Olivari
Spiritual & Physical health for Leigh Danielle & Liz.

Tom & Monica McGonigle
for the success of the 2019 pilgrimage, and for the intentions of past participants the America pilgrimage

Patty Siedler
"Repose of the soul of my daughter-in-law Christina and for strength and solace for my son Bob and his two young daughters. Thank you and God bless!!"

Dorothy Bentley
Please pray for my daughter, Meghan Bentley.

Dorothy Griffiths
"My husband has been diagnosed with “moderate cognitive impairment”. It is getting worse, and I fear he is sliding into dementia/senility. He is only 66, and has been devout in his faith. Please pray that this awful journey is gentle for him, and that God's will be done, but not too severely or quickly. I pray for a good and fruitful pilrimage for all of you - God be with you."

Sharon Mosier
For the health of my family especially my daughter who is an alcoholic.

Denise Pretet
Heal my sister-in-law of her cancer.

For the Jesuits to stop placing pedophile priests at Jogues Retreat house in Cornwall, NY which was given by my cousin. Innocent people and children are around dangerous priests. My child's principal was on retreat there with a rapist and a child molester. All Jesuit retreats should be safe environments and no priests on safety plans. Many Jesuit affiliated groups with their own retreat directors go to Jogues as do scholastics.

Adele Berthelot
For all who have suffered abuse by the Church specifically in the Diocese of Baton Rouge, that they may find consolation and healing.

Fran Corrigan
For my family to see know the love of God and return His love.

Gerry Hapke
"Certainly peace in our world and our church. Please pray for children with autism in particular I ask for prayers for my grandniece, Genny and grandnephew, Alex both 5 and their parents as these children learn to deal with this condition. I also ask you to remember mygrandniece, Gabrielle, 8 who is presently in remission for neuroblastoma cancer. For all my family and friends."

Barbara Reynolds Brownholtz
l am having my third and final hip surgery in April at Mass General. Pray this one is successful. Thank you . I will pray for you and the Pilgrims. Tnx for Jim.

Patrice Pintarelli
Please pray for my daughter. May she find peace, healing and complete recovery soon.

Joe Bean
"For: my friend Larry Lauze who recently had surgery, The church - May reform continued Me and my wife, may our love grow strong. "

Connie huber
My family, our church, our country, our world. Thy will be done.

For Peace. Thank you.

"Please pray with me for the health of my Father Michael that he continues to recover from the stroke he has had and that he continues to care for himself according to his doctors orders Thank You "

Patricia DePalma
For healing for my husband in body, mind and soul.

Lauren McCabe
"Please pray for a miracle to stop the cancer from spreading in Nicole Cottone Obenski. Thank you."

Priscilla Zambor
"Please pray for my daughter, Amy, as she undergoes diagnostic tests for possible Horner Syndrome. Please pray for my neighbor's grandsons, who is 6 as he battles cancerous brain tumors. Thank you! "

MaryClare Cullen
For my son David that Christ will show him explicitly who he is and what he is being called to do in life. For my son Ian, peace and hope in Christ and healing in his marriage. For me, the grace and fortitude to treat my body as I should and to eat healthy and exercise. For my husband Tim...continued grace as he goes through the deaconate program. Safe travels for all on pilgrimage. ♥️

Please pray for my son Brendan who is battling a rare form of lymphoma. And if you could, pray for his wife and newborn son. Thank you.

"May I please ask for prayers in the Holy Land for God's Divine Guidance, Providence and Light in my life. Thank you, and may God bless you on your pilgrimage."

Cecilia Park
I would like to ask a prayer for my brother's family who is struggling with allowing their children to receive first communion. My brother wants to enroll them into the first communion program, and my sister-in-law, who is a protestant doesn't want it. I pray they, and our whole family find a wisdom in the process and do not loose patience and love for one another.

Carol Bratt
Please pray for my sister-in-law Catherine Tupis, who is suffering from terminal cancer that God is merciful and grant her a painless journey back to him. Thank you for your kindness.

"My sweet daughter Abigail is 3 years old, she has autism spectrum disorder, please pray that God will grant her the ability to speak. God bless you in your pilgrimage "

Emmanuel das
"i have a relationship with a girl they had too agreed for our marriage but due to some family issues they are not supporting us ! Please pray that her parents may start supporting us again for our relationship and marriage ! Please pray for intention ! "

Siobhan Ita Sabino Fee
When we were on honeymoon in 2012 in Egypt, we were lucky enough to visit Israel for a day. I prayed for my husband & our marriage at the Wailing Wall & The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. I would be grateful as you would remember us during your prayers there, especially after years of waiting & praying we finally have our beautiful daughter Nancy to give thanks for. My husband Mike is also experiencing a crisis with his PTSD so all prayers for him to receive comfort & healing would be wonderful. Many thanks & hope you all have a safe journey. God bless & live, Siobhan (on the Wirral, England) xxx

Peace in my house. The grace to rid all negativity. Lastly & most important my girls return to the sacraments.

For the continuing healing of my Granddaughter and the blessings for my children & grandchildren. Thank you.

Monica Powers-Meade
Please pray for my loved one, Kathleen, battling cancer.

Betty Conaway
For Tedd and Ben and Rosemary that they continue to grow and mature into thoughtful and caring teenagers. For my children and their spouses that they continue to love each othyand support and nurture their beautiful children.

"Conversion of sinners. Poor souls in pergatory. Conversion of all non believers My children Jacob, Samuel, Michael to forever be filled with the Holy Spirit and never wander from their faith in Jesus Christ. "

Marilyn Shaw
I pray for Palestinian Christians that their numbers do not continue to dwindle and for peace with justice in the Holy Land for all of its people.

Rosemarie Ingersoll
"Conversion of family. Repeal of abortion law instituted by Governor Cuomo"

mary karr
will be praying for yall! safe travels and gid bless, mk

Zenaida Platon
"a. For my children (Anna/Andrea/Angelo) and grandkids (Gerard/Mark Jason/ Eli/Enzo). Good health, safety, peace in their hearts and above all getting closer to GOD in all their ways. b. A return to normal life of a son who spiralled into drugs and peace in the family of Dennis/Zack Sutherland. Thank you. "

Susan Gerovasil
For God's perfect will in my son's life and that he will return to the faith. Healing for Mike O'Donnell, Aurelia Sinopoli and Steve Wingert.

Terri Finn
"Please consider my request for prayers in the following matters. 1) Increased love and closeness to Our Lord and to live the Gospel message more profoundly 2) Healing of relationship with my son Timothy 3) Able to find decent Senior Housing accommodations. Thank you! May God be with you as you travel and experience the Blessings of the Holy Land."

Rosaleen Deery
Good health, happiness & prosperity for us all. That Eamonn, Jacqueline & Myles wil have great happiness & many blessings in their new home. For Roisins happiness & many blessings in university & she'll have great success in life. For Eamonn & Jacqueline's success at work & that Eamonn will be successful at giving up cigarettes! For the holy souls including mammy, daddy, brothers Con, Seamus, Gerry & Fr. Padraig & all our friends, relatives & benefactors. For all those who are sick, Lord give them comfort a a full recovery. Lord, Bless all our priests & religious & keep them faithful to their calling. For great happiness, good health & good luck for Eddie & myself.. Amen, God bless you Fr., enjoy your pilgrimage to the Holy Land.. A lovely place... even though my husband's wallet was stolen in Jerusalem years ago!! So be safe. God bless you.

Fr. Danny Pabon
For my ministry, for the intentions of my parishioners and for the well-being and the intentions of my family.

Mary Turco
"Eileen Dillon Thomas Dillon Patricia Turco "

Ann Desmond
Please remember Molly Bergin who had an AVM 6 years ago. She suffers every single day unable to swallow or walk. She is sad.

Mary Hoffman
A young man has been in prison for seven years for a crime he did not commit. Please, please pray that his appeal gets quickly through the courts and that he is freed.

Julianne Joyce
For strength and healing of broken relationship with my sister. God bless you!

Mary Ann
Lord please guide, protect, and heal my daughters, Justine & Hannah.

Karen S
"My sons, that they can get clear on the path that God has for them, work to be people of intergrity and living Christlike For Emily and Baby Christopher that they can have a full healing. "

Anne Carter
Prayers for my son, Timothy Carter Frank, who died 2/5/19. 28 years old. May he be with Jesus and Mother Mary in peace now after his struggles here on earth. His funeral is 2/23/19 at Christ the King in Pleasant Hill, CA at 10 am. Thank you.

Fran Rossi Szpylczyn
Please pray for healing for a very thorny and challenging financial situation.

Mary Kay
Please pray that I will soon be gifted with new full time employment that intersects my deep engagement in art, advocacy, and my Catholic faith.

Bernie Seiler
For spiritual renewal and the temporal welfare of all family members.

Dolores Engelmaier
John s surgery in April. Also the Engelmaier family

Please pray for health and peace for my family, friends and myself. And that I will grow in my faith. Bless your travels

Anna Berardi
"Hi Father James, please keep my prayer request I have just sent you confidential as some of our children don't even know about the eventual testing they will need to do, as well as my brother has kept his cancer diagnosis very confidential since last September. A little side note, my 2 oldest children went to Marymount and Loyola HS and both graduated in ‘12 & ‘14 from Georgetown. My oldest is now graduating from medical school in May. My youngest went to Holy Child and is graduating from Loyola Maryland in May. As you can see, we are a “pretty close to Jesuits” family:) Another prayer request is for my 2 daughters graduating's futures as well as my son's future. Thank you, Anna"

Chaplain Gary Grimes
Please pray for my ministry as hospice chaplain. Prayers for strength and guidance as I provide comfort and pastoral presence for patients and families.

Donna Melle
"Miracles.... removing the illnesses of Nicole Cottone, Kevin Shemar, Zach Feaster. Thank you. Safe journey of prayer. "

Anna Berardi
Please pray that my 3 children and my brothers 4 children are all negative when they test for BRCA2. (They range in age from 17-29) Also, that my brother's advanced prostate cancer is all gone after his surgery in early March. Finding out about his BRCA2 mutation because of him getting cancer, I then myself too had to take the genetic testing and was positive for the BRCA2 mutation. Please also pray that I never get cancer. Thank you

Donna Melle
"Daughter, Natalie, that she want to forgive and love her extended family again. Thank you for this prayer. Be safe in your travels."

Donna Stickna
For my nephew Evans, that he may find the strength & courage to heal his broken life.

Cecilia Flores
Complete family healing stroke healing for Edymar Healing of video games addiction pass all exans and work abroad for Jose meet our goals and financial freedom. Peace in the world and the grace of a happy

James Hayes SJ
Please pray for Dan who has been hospitalized for mental illness.

Sue Miele
For healing and restoration for my children.

Monica Doyle
For my mom's broken hip, and that she transitions into rehab, then nursing home, without anxiety.

"Cassie Burlingame My family to find their way back to Church."

Laura Noonan
Please pray for the Laursen family who lost their son Chris (age 36) to cancer. He married his wife three days before his passing, please pray for his wife, Kristen Laursen. Prayers to God for Chris. Also in memory, Elizabeth Sandland, Chloe Ring, and Gloria Waldron; they are in God's kingdom where perpetual light shines upon them, but are sorely missed by friends and family. Help us to remember the many people who have been lost, fighting in the Holy Land. Thank you God for the vibrancy of Israel and the Holy Land. Help us to see places where we have closed doors or built walls and find ways to open them again. God, help us to recognize gifts of friendship and shared connection which vastly out number the instances of fighting and conflict. We pray for you Fr. James, have a safe and affirmational trip to the Holy Land. Thank you for the opportunity to hear these prayers.

Elisa Teresa Minera
"Please pray for my cousin Giovanni who is struggling with his anxiety disorder and lack of work. He is homeless and has a problem with alcohol. Also for my mother's health and mine. Blessed Holy Land Pilgrimage."

Ruth Muirhead
"For the world, that there will be an end to hunger, disease and war. For my family, ravaged by cancer, that we may have peace and healing. Amen "

Elizabeth Gilroy
Please pray for all our Little Company of Mary Sisters around the world. Pray that we continue to bring the compassion and love of God to all people, especially the dying. Thank you.

My sister Cathy's Timor's gone. My son stays gainfully employed my sons stay healthy and happy. Prayers please and thank you 🙏🏻

"Please pray for my daughter Paula's health to be restored if God wills and also pray for all in Bonnie Scotland. "

Shaun Haggerty
"That you reveal your purpose in how I can serve you after heart attack and surgery survival.s "

Pat Smith
Please pray for a complete recovery and return to good health for my friend, Fr Michael. Also request prayers for my daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren that God would give them grace and courage during difficult times.

Mary Heneghan
Please pray for my friend, Claire, who is terminally ill and does not have much time left, that she may have a peaceful death. Thank you!

Alex Pinder
For the light of Christ to guide my discernment of a Jesuit vocation

The conversion and cure of my entire family (my father, mother, sister, brother in law and brother) all of them are etheists and depressed.

Brigitte Sweeney
"for my husband. Thank you"

Michelle LaMaire
"First of all I will be keep you and your fellow pilgrims in my prayers! I had knee surgery yesterday and I'd love for you to pray for a quick recovery and lots of healing! While I'm recovering I also pray that my relationship with God strengthens and that I find a better and more fulfilling job! Thank you and God Bless You! "

"Please pray for my sister who has lupus for many years.She has multiple medical complications and is on numerous medications.Pray pray that she will be healed. Also pray for my elderly sister in law who suffer from dementia and recently has surgery for bowel cancer. Please pray for me for my health and well being."

Dominic Acquah-Baidoo
"1. That the Holy Spirit would help me decide which vocation to chose. 2. For my family, that we may emulate the Holy Family. 3. For a quick marking and return of graduate thesis which has been away for the past 7 months. 4. For all those who encounter me, that they may see and know Christ."

Please pray for wisdom patience and strength as my husband and I go to court for the 6th time in past yest to obtain guardianship of our granddaughter

To heal my daughter Cris, like Jairus' daughter, of her mental illness so that she may be restored to the fulness of life. Thank you. üôè

Tricia Fotd
For faith, for family, for forgiveness and for fortitude

"Please pray for my mother Mabel, almost 85 years old, and living with some dementia in Africa. Mum often feels lonely these days. Her life has been full and it has also had many challenges. May her remaing days be filled with God's love and grace and may she surrender everything to Him in complete trust in His tender, boundless mercy. Thank you for your prayers for Mabel, my Mum."

Norma Rossi
Please pray for my healing from a recent major surgery. I have offfred my pain as a prayer for the healing.

May God continue to keep our family safe, specially our grandkids; one going off to college and the other determined to overcome her limitations. May God guide and keep Fr James safe.

mary finnerty
for a full cure from brain surgery and for the holy spirit to guide the surgeon and the nursing staff and to bless them and all in the care of my wife Mary. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ,and thank you those at America for this ministry and your prayers,Sincerely,Patrick Esmonde.

Ernest and Grace Reyes
Please we ask for Christina Angelina Grace Ernest Matt And my husband of 46 years and I abundance for all our debit and to help others Health in our old age and fir our children and Success in praying the Rosary daily for all in Jesus Name Amen Thank you Stay safe Blessings The Reyes

Buff Easterly
Please pray for Paige Cutcliffe, Shannon Smith, Marlyn Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan & Larry.

Maureen Jerga
For God The Father's divine Love and guidance for the leaders of the United States and the Catholic Church. For his son Jesus to inspire us all to action that serves God. For love and humility in the hearts of God's children— and guidance, love, humility and obedience in the hearts, thoughts and actions of all of us. It is a frightening time to be alive and we ask for strength in faith as well.

Bob Gorman
That my parents are together in eternal happiness following my dad's passing on January 28.

"I hope this email finds you well. I humbly offer my prayer request s: To give humble and happy Thanksgiving for my 28th birthday. To carry my name to join you in pilgrimage in spirit. :D I humbly pray that my mother is formally cancer free, and those still suffering from cancer, to have the grace of being a survivor. For my brother and her gf! May they have a long and loving relationship. For the success of my Lay Dominican vocation and career. For the reader and the success of the pilgrimage. I wish you the best!!!!!!"

"Good health and preparation for end of life for my parents. Grace for my daughter and son in law as they become parents for the first time. Blessings on my new grandson Liam"

Tricia Fotd
For faith, for family, for forgiveness and for fortitude

Janine Lesser
Peace for my friend who had a miscarriage at 5 months.

Cathy Rusin
"That I may soon find an appropriate job in which to resume my vocation as a lay ecclesial minister. For the Palestinian people, and peace throughout the Holy Land. In thanksgiving for Maher Nahas."

Liz Meyer
Prayers for healing requested for Chris Carney, Adair Houston, Christine Corsi, Lisa Richuitti, the family of Annemarie and Mike Walsh, Rick Twigg, Shabbir Pabani and Michele Krah.

Healing of family/relationships. Direction, guidance,protection for young adults. Discernment.

Veronica Garcia
Please Father, pray for me so that the issues between me and my loved one are resolved, bring peace and love back to us making us stronger together than ever. Also, please make clear where you want me to buy my house. Thank you for your prayer, God Bless you father!

My knee and shoulder issues.....

"Job for my husband . Health, faith , safety for my three children . Health for my sister. Peace and tolerance in the world . "

Silvia A Villalobos
For the needs of my parents, brothers and their families, sisters and their families. For my sons and their families for their conversion for all the marriages specially in my family and my own. For our grandchildren.

Please pray for a peqceful end-of-life journey for my father, Bill. Thank you!

Tilde Garcia
"For my brother Rufus Palacios, a lung transplant recipient (5yrs), who's battling pancreatitis & gallbladder stones, but is too high risk to operate on. May God guide his medical team to help ease his pain. For all those who suffer from terminal lung disease, like my sister, Maria Palacios & myself. Pray that Jesus continue to breathe life & breath into our lungs so we may continue to do His work and spread the Good News. "

Suzanne Rottler
"For the intentions of the LGBTQ prayer group members at St. Joan of Arc Church, Marlton, NJ. For a diagnosis that's manageable and doesn't progress. God bless all on your journey!"

Jo Plunkett
That Jesus brings together our fractured family which will require each of us to accept, recognize, forgive and love one another.

Brad and Denise Clontz
"Our college age son has been diagnosed with a rare muscle disease and we have been told there is no known cure. We are blessed with good insurance for him now. We are concerned for his future. We ask for prayers for his healing. We ask for wisdom to help him navigate his future. Thank you so much for accepting prayer requests on this pilgrimage. We have enjoyed reading and listening to the audible version of Jesus: A Pilgrimage. Prayers your way for a safe and fruitful trip."

Maureen Owens
For the repose of Gregg Owens soul and for mental health in dealing with his death.And for Kerry Kane.

tanya marie
"‚ù§ i humbly ask for prayers for mah health, physical/mental/emotional. and for God to gimme a work opportunity. also, for mah loved ones to be safe and healthy always. THANK YOU very much. have a blessed pilgrimage. much love. God bless. :* :D xo ‚ù§"

Kathleen Banks
"That my son comes home this year 2019 in good health of body, mind and soul. That my grandson makes better choices and learns from past mistakes and finally that my youngest son grow in wisdom, strength of mind and soul and turn back to God and the church. I pray also that our country finally have a honest, open conversation about race and finally healing. I wish I were going with you. Please have a safe, and wonderful trip. Thank you."

Please pray for my marriage. We are fighting over our faith and human sexuality. Questions similar to: Whose right? Whose wrong? We are not loving one another. I pray we learn to set our differences aside and learn to love. Thank you!

Maggie Wickwire
Please pray that the cancer in my body disappears into remission. God bless you all, and I pray for your safe journey. Thank you.

Barbara Matsko
For my daughter, that she will find the work that God wants her to do.

Christine Romanko
Please pray for my niece and nephew that they and their families will return to the Church. Thank you and may God bless you on your travels.

The Frechette Family from Lowell, MA

Scott Bailey, C.Ss.R.
That I may discern God's will for me and have the courage to live it.

Niall Dalton
"Hello Father Martin, Please pray for my wife Lana who will undergo a surgical procedure on March 7th here in Los Angeles. Thank you for all that you do daily to enrich the lives of so many through your multimedia presence. Thank you and God Bless all on the pilgrimage. Niall"

Michelle Daniel Chadwick
Healing from depression and anxiety for my 21 year old, finding a job and rebuilding my life after a terrible divorce. Peace with God's plans for my future.

Jim McNulty
Please pray for survivors of trauma that we may Experience God's healing grace, especially members of The Upper Room PTSD support group in Rockville, MD.

Pamela Chabak
I am so overcome with sadness about the world we are living in these days. Especially the politics have made me discouraged to be alive. I am disabled, but I never used that as an excuse to not be involved in my community. I have volunteered over many years for Vets, Domestic Violence, Child abuse as a Foster Mother of 10 children and Marian House Nami and Mental Illness. I am not a great person. I am a sinner. I am gay. I just want to feel encouraged not that I did a good job, but that the world in becoming more harmonious.

Linda Tempelman
For the soul of John Telfer, who left this world February 2019. And for his family and friends.

"I pray for the courage to face my fears and promptly address health concerns, so that I may be healed in mind, body, and spirit. Only then will I be able to fully carry out God's will. Thank you, and God bless!"

Pamela McQueen
Please pray that my son makes good decisions, for my daughter, and for my school. Thank you.

Loyal and loving husband for Rebecca

Serenity, health, best for kids wife and parents and friends and family, and a good change of jobs. Also, to establish running as a way back to mental health and God.

Debbie Raux
"To open my heart more to Jesus. To trust his will and know that I can't control everything For my sisters health"

Julie L Mayfield
I would like to request prayers for severe anxiety and some unresolved health issues. I will also pray for you. Thank you!

Pete and Judi Flisakowski
Lord, I ask your blessings for our daughter and our grandchildren. Keep them in your loving care and protect them from every evil.

Rosemary Brennan
Please pray for my college roommate, Marianne, who is battling a recurrence of ovarian cancer. She needs the strength of our prayers.

Jesus before His ascent iNto heaven gave the command to anoint the sick with oils and the sick person will be cured. As a priest I work in a HOSPITAL SÃO JOSÉ (BRASIL) for contagious diseases. Please prAy that my ministry and others working with the sick -- doctors, nurses and helpers may have a lively faith in his promise of Our LORD. AND PRAY FOR THE SICK THEY ACCOMPANY. MANY THANKS, ANDRÉ. PS ON RETURN TO YOUR HOMES... MAY THE LORD HELP YOU PROLONG YOUR EXPERIENCE IN THE HOLY LAND THROUGH DAILY READING OF THE GOSPELS.

Peg Kelly
"Please prayer for the intentions of the following people Carla Jeremiah. Allen. Connie. Jackee. Steven. And all who asked for prayers Also all the soldiers in the IDF THANK YOU "

Donna Chesshir
Guidance for young adults: Ken, Monica and Phill

Anita Butler
For cure of Paddy Hamilton., who is 2 1/2 and suffering from Leukemia since he was 4 months. He is seriously ill presently. And for Bradley Pyke, that he will be helped to be successful as an adopted African American raised in a white culture and was born drug addicted. He is now 18.

Hope Gillespie
Sr Rosemarie Tedesco, SHCJ

Joan D'Arcy Sheridan
Please pray for my adult son who is autistic. Please pray he is successful in his jobs. Please pray for my granddaughter who has developed COPD and my friends 8 year old son who is so hyperactive he has to take medicine

Debbie Barta
"For my family and friends for special needs and intentions. For my mother for healing of her foot and leg, to the extent it is within the Will of God and for her peace of mind. For peace in Israel and the whole world. For best jobs for Tom, Eric and Amir. For Beth that she associates with good people who will lead her to healthy and successful life close to God. For my husband and for a happy marriage. For safety of travelers on the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. "

John Paul Ferrantino
"For discernment in the lives of today's adolescents, that they may realize God's call for them. For peace in the world, and for all those who go without basic human necessities that they may know the true Food of God's Word. For all the survivors of sexual abuse, that they might find healing in Christ. "

Joan Lakebrink
Adrienne and family. Thank you

Nina Valmonte
A good job for Joe; strength and wisdom for Maya; Calvin's speech; faith for Russ and family; Ana Maria , Cheche, Melinda and all the sick. Departed family members and family intentions.

Laura Yanes
Healing for my brother, Ramon, who is an alcoholic.

Joan Baccari
Our Lordcontinues to bless me. Thank you

Maria Martinez
Please pray for my eighteen year old daughter that has been struggling with mental illness for several years now. May God heal her and grant her strength and wisdom so she can learn to love and accept herself. Thank you and God bless you.

Roberta Archibald SSJ
"Please hold our congregation, the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia in your prayer. We are preparing for our Chapter. May we be open to the breath of the Spirit. "

Thelma Tiambeng-Bright
For all priests, religious and lay people, that the continue to focus on their goal and mission to spread God's love; for those priests who got one reason or another have been laicized, suspended, etc, that they continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit to the right path. We are all God's children no matter our religious, gender, racial, etc orientation. May we always remember to pray for one another, love one another and be compassionate with each other. Please pray for the healing our Catholic Church that we can see Jesus' light and truth.

Jennifer Didio
A return to the faith for my husband, sons, and other family members. Also an increase/ renewal of faith for myself. Thank you and God bless your pilgrimage!

Tom Murphy
May the message of Christ always triumph over the actions of mankind

Marge Giesken
Please pray for my niece Tami who is going through test for cancer, she is a single mother with a 11 year old son to raise Tami lost her husband 2 years ago to Pancreatic cancer she has already had oral cancer so she is in of strong prayers. Thank you! Have a please trip.

Mary Ellen
Please pray that my sons and their families will return to Christ and the practice of their faith. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I will pray for you as you make this journey. God bless.

Pat Horgan
Healing for Mike Egan young Dad of 3 children. Healing for my sister Kathleen.

Please pray that God has mercy on me and hears my prayers. In Christ name I pray.

Patricia Dillaway
"Please pray for my transgender granddaughter who has been diagnosed with depression and has harbored suicidal thoughts. Also, pray for her parents and brother who are dealing with it on a daily basis. Pray that this will lead them back to God. "

"For my wayward, lost brothers in law. Ed---for him to return to our Lord and his Catholic faith, to seek the sacrament of reconciliation, and to move out from the condo he is living in with another woman. For Kathy, his new ex wife...for her to heal and begin the process of forgiveness. For his 4 beautiful daughters, that they heal as well. For them all to seek counseling to navigate these terrible times. Lee---who has abdicated himself of all parental responsibility for his 18 year old mildly disabled daughter Heather. For Lee to realize his fatherly duties and to find a relationship with our Lord."

Sister Carolyn Capuano
Please pray that my nephew, Vincent, find meaningful employment.

Sister Mary Seibert, MSC
Healing for Sr. Catherine, and Rhett, for vocations and renewal for MSC Sisters, blessings on Lay Members of the MSC

I was laid off in October when my federal agency employer eliminated 40 percent of its staff. Please pray for me to find a job with health insurance. Please also pray for my husband, Kerry, who was just diagnosed with throat cancer, and for my 27 year-old daughter, Samantha, whose fiancé died of a heart attack on Jan. 4. My cross feels very heavy at this time. Thank you.

Jean Benning
Return of adult children to the Church.

Kelly Dulle
Please pray for Oliver Dulle who is celebrating his 98th Birthday on February 27.

Audrey Pei
For my brother Mike and his family's well-being.

Jeanne Colford
Jeffrey DeSimone....healing.

Cathy Lavin
That Bill Ayres recover fully from his double bypass surgery last December. That the chemotherapy for Victor Morris be successful. For all the caregivers for Sarah Jane, 15 years old with severe mental and physical challenges due to Shaken Baby Syndrome. May Sarah do well when she has surgery to relieve the pain from spinal stenosis.

barb vopat
"Restoration of values, civility, compassion and peace in our country (USA), our world and most importantly in the hearts and minds of every person. Relief for Patti through her physical, psychological issues and that God take John as he is ready. Healing for Bobby! "

Jane P. Coleman
Health for Homer Reichenbach, Herb Messing, Pamela Griffiths, John Bence and Rickard Korthaze. Gift of faith back to Gerry McFeely, Joe Lorden, Tom Clarkin and the McFeely family. May my niece Eileen have peace and reach out to me, her Godmother and aunt. May Morgan and Trent McLees have a blessed married life.

For my family and my boyfriend that we all are happy and healthy this year.

James Cappabianca
Please pray for all pilgrims and staff!