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December 11, 2006

Vol.195 / No.19

December 11, 2006

David CortrightDecember 11, 2006

North Korea’s Recent nuclear test delivered a stark wake-up call. The bomb is back, and nuclear dangers are on the rise again, not only in North Korea but around the world. Iran is steadily building its nuclear capabilities and has refused to yield to international pressure over its uranium en

Elizabeth KolbertDecember 11, 2006

As a reporter you have gone from covering New York politics to global warming. Is it fair to say you’ve moved from one disaster to another?That’s not a bad way of putting it. In covering both I’ve seen people look some fairly obvious truths right in the face and dance around them.

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.December 11, 2006

"July," said my sister, Carolyn. And I was amazed. "This year we got our first Christmas catalogue in the mail in July," she said. It was from Lands’ End. Even though Carolyn was driving the car and I was sitting next to her, I knew without looking that we were rolling our

Our readersDecember 11, 2006

Avoid Racism

Thanks to George M. Anderson, S.J., for the interview with James Cone, Theologians and White Supremacy (11/20).

I am a member of a Dismantling Racism team in the greater Philadelphia area, and one of the few Catholic members. Our focus is primarily on racism as

The EditorsDecember 11, 2006

"We can’t pull out; we can’t win. Like a tar pit, Iraq has trapped the United States. If American troops remain there, few observers expect things to get better; and they may well grow worse. If the troops pull out, problems will certainly worsen for nearly everyone: for Iraqis abov

Faith in Focus
John R. DonahueDecember 11, 2006

"Arrive,” “draw near,” or “come to”—that’s how “advent” enters English via the Latin advenire. Its usage is wide-ranging. The Vulgate translates the Greek parousia as adventus, “arrival” or “presence,” associated most

Faith in Focus
Bea Broder-OldachDecember 11, 2006

Among the best-kept secrets of World War II was the presence of prisoner of war camps in the United States. With food in short supply in Europe and American supply ships returning empty from the front, the U.S. military devised a plan to maximize resources at home and abroad: supply ships would retu