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September 18, 2006

Vol. 195 / No. 7

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Robert EllsbergSeptember 18, 2006

Henri Nouwen worked with many editors in his life. As it turned out, I was the last. I would not have foreseen this 10 years before, when I first brought him the news that I had been offered a job at Orbis Books. Well, he said, if someone were to ask me if you would be good for this job, I would say

Gerald S. TwomeySeptember 18, 2006

Henri Nouwen, a popular and prolific author and spiritual guide, died suddenly on Sept. 21, 1996, from the complications of two major heart attacks. En route to Russia, he was going to film a special for the BBC on Rembrandt’s famous painting “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” at th

Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenSeptember 18, 2006

Years ago the last editorial The Sunday New York Times ran each week was an essay on the changing seasons. As a boy I would page through the Week in Review section to read the weekly sketch of natural history. I identified with the writer’s fascination with the natural world, and read in the h

Our readersSeptember 18, 2006

Wake Up

Terry Golway’s column A Nation of Idol-Worshipers (7/31) was right on target.

It’s sad to see so many young adults wasting their time and energy for such low standards, while there are so many challenges everywhere to benefit society. There are numerous fields of

The EditorsSeptember 18, 2006

Alma E. Miller was 102 years old when she died in 1994. For 78 of those years she had been a member of the religious congregation called the Society of the Sacred Heart. During much of that time, she was the mistress of studies, that is to say, the academic dean, in one or other of the schools for g

Faith in Focus
Camille DArienzoSeptember 18, 2006

The reminiscences of Walter Burghardt, S.J., of his 75 years as a Jesuit and the delight this renowned preacher has experienced in nourishing the heads and hearts of those hungry for God’s word (America, 3/20), recall a memory of my own. I am one of many thousands who have listened spellbound

Arts & Culture Books
Peter J. BernardiSeptember 18, 2006

Among the signal achievements of the Second Vatican Council is the Roman Catholic Church rsquo s irreversible commitment to the cause of Christian unity How did the church come to change its preconciliar triumphalist insistence on the ldquo return rdquo of ldquo schismatics and heretics rdquo