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July 3, 2006

Vol. 195 / No. 1

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Joseph J. GallagherJuly 03, 2006

It was just 40 years ago this spring that the documents of the Second Vatican Council first appeared in English translation. The 791-page, 95-cent paperback was chiefly the joint interfaith production of America Press and the Y.M.C.A.’s Association Press. The general editor was Walter M. Abbot

John SteinbrunerJuly 03, 2006

For most of the past several months, the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program has largely been a theatrical collision of highly antagonistic political attitudes with political leaders in both the United States and Iran using the issue to address their domestic constituencies. It now appears, ho

Of Many Things
Drew ChristiansenJuly 03, 2006

In some ways I am an old-school Jesuit. In a succession of assignments and apostolic responsibilities, I have lived by St. Ignatius Loyola’s perplexing maxim that he preferred a man of self-denial to one of prayer. I am scandalized, but only slightly, by some young Jesuits’ need for the

Our readersJuly 03, 2006

Something Different

As a lover of France and French, I have long been fascinated by Joan of Arc, although I find her truly problematic (Believe Me If You Like, by James Martin, S.J., 5/22). Why would God call her to lead an army and fight to put a weak king on the throne of France

The EditorsJuly 03, 2006

A tragic irony of the war in Iraq is that it is a Marine Corps unit that is suspected of the largest single atrocity so far reported there. For while the Marines have suffered a disproportionate number of casualties, they have also made an exemplary effort to treat Iraqi civilians with respect. They

Immigrant Isabel Rivera from the Dominican Republic takes the oath of citizenship during a naturalization ceremony in New York. (CNS photo/Brendan McDermid, Reuters)
The EditorsJuly 03, 2006

The Fourth of July is a time for challenging ourselves on the state of the American proposition.

Faith in Focus
Karl Bjorn EricksonJuly 03, 2006

One night a few months ago, my 8-year-old son was very sick in bed. He lay there moaning and crying because of terrible pain in his ears. While my wife was on the phone attempting to get hold of a doctor, I did what I could to comfort him. We tried the usual things, but nothing worked. The choices s