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August 27, 2012

Vol.207 / No.5

August 27, 2012

Clayton SinyaiAugust 27, 2012

Veterans are fighting for jobs on the homefront.

Barry HudockAugust 27, 2012

Fifty two years ago today, Cesar Chavez marked his birthday by quitting his job in order to establish a labor union for migrant farmworkers.

Of Many Things
James Martin, SJAugust 27, 2012

"Vinny" O'Keefe was one of the great figures in contemporary Jesuit history.

August 27, 2012

Permissible Lobbying Re “Politics and the Pulpit” by Nicholas P. Cafardi (7/30): Dr. Cafardi seems to imply that Archbishop J. Peter Sartain of Seattle engaged in impermissible lobbying by assisting in gathering signatures in support of Referendum 74 in Washington State to undo the same-

The EditorsAugust 27, 2012

The Responsibility to Protect seems tailor-made for the current civil war in Syria.


Catherine the Great remains one of the most intriguing women in history.

Patrick Gilger, S.J.August 27, 2012

The Variations attempts make inroads "on the vast terrain of what cannot be said."