June 18, 2001

Terrence BergJune 18, 2001

Looking over the shoulder of the police detective at his computer monitor, I felt my stomach churn. He was posing as a 14-year-old girl in a chat room. Within moments, a strange man, age 42, was making a proposition. With so many positive media reports focused on the miracles of the Internet as a co

William BoleJune 18, 2001

Ever since Seattle erupted into a free-trade fighting zone during the World Trade Organization’s 1999 meeting, the very scheduling of a global economic gathering has become a provocation to activists worldwide. What happened suddenly in Seattle has been transformed into rituals of resistance l

T. P. OMahonyJune 18, 2001

The buses in Dublin these days are displaying advertisements from the pro-life movement demanding a new constitutional referendum on abortion. The Taoiseach (prime minister), Bertie Ahern, has promised to meet that demand, but short of a political crisis that would force his hand, the odds in favor

Of Many Things
James Martin, S.J.June 18, 2001

My Jesuit province is in the process of “discernment,” as St. Ignatius liked to say. We’re attempting to map out the future of the Society of Jesus in New England—praying together about where God might be calling us, considering new ministries and evaluating our traditional o

Magazine Letters
Our readersJune 18, 2001

But Hey, Who’s Counting?

Just wanted to call to your attention a figure from the last 10 issues of America. Eighty percent (8 out of 10) of the first letters in the letters column were from religious.

Oops: just received the May 28 issue. Now it’s 9 out of 11! Interesting

The EditorsJune 18, 2001

On his second working day in office, President George W. Bush presented what he called a blueprint for school reform. On May 23, the House by a vote of 384 to 45 passed an education bill that Education Secretary Rod Paige said was a great bipartisan bill.This diplomatic praise puffed up the legislat

George M. AndersonJune 18, 2001

This short but worthwhile book takes its title from Franklin Delano Roosevelt rsquo s 1941 State of the Union address By the third freedom after freedom of speech and freedom of worship the president meant freedom from want But as George McGovernformer senator and Democratic presidential nomine