Ireland in 'America'

In the May 20, 2013 issue of America Archbishop Diarmuid Martin surveys the landscape of Ireland in wake of the church's sexual abuse crisis and the country's economic downturn. America has been writing about "the Irish question" in one way or another since the magazine's founding in 1909. Here we offer a selection of our coverage:

"Religion in the Emerald Tiger," March 12, 2001


"Irish Movies: A Renaissance," November 2, 1996

"Toward a New Ireland," March 17, 1984

"The Abortion Debate in the Republic of Ireland," February 12, 1983

"The Quality of Justice in Ulster," April 7, 1979

"Untangling the Irish Question," September 11, 1971

"Ireland: Vacuum of National Purpose," November 14, 1959

"Irish Democracy Demands the Whole Island," March 19, 1938

"What Does De Valera Want?" November 12, 1932

"Shy Irish Bachelors," March 29, 1930

"The Infancy of a State," May 29, 1926

"Impressions of Ireland's Civil War," August 19, 1922

"What Does Ireland Want?" April 28, 1917

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