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Heather TrottaJanuary 30, 2024
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A Reflection for Tuesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

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Today’s Gospel gives us two powerful stories of God’s healing powers and the importance of having deep, unswerving faith despite times of hopelessness and pain. The first example is with Jairus, a synagogue official, who desperately pleads for Jesus’ help with his dying daughter, and the second example is an unnamed woman in a crowd of people who suffers from a prolonged hemorrhage.

Both of these believers rely on their profound faith to answer their prayers. By the end of the passage, both of their prayers have been answered. Jairus’ daughter was raised from the dead and after touching Jesus’ garments the woman was immediately healed.

Both of these stories highlight Jesus’ healing powers while underscoring how one’s faith is vital during times of despair. They also remind us that we can plead and pray to Jesus with all our needs, including to heal us.

Have there been times in your life in which you were able to embrace Jesus’ words, “Do not be afraid; just have faith”? It reminds me of the popular Nike slogan “Just Do It.” It seems like sound advice to just do it and have faith. But, it is easier said than done to turn over our fears and concerns to him. However, we might remind ourselves of the faith of Jairus and the woman in today’s Gospel.

While God may not resurrect a loved one or immediately heal us or a family member’s ailment, we must remember that in all the ways that we are broken, whether it is an illness, hopelessness or the loss of a loved one, we should stick close to the one who tells us: “Do not be afraid; just have faith.”

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