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The Washington Post's Magazine this weekend has a profile of Pat McGuire, who has been President of Trinity College for twenty years. As the article recalls, at an event in 2007, Post chairman Donald Graham said of McGuire: "How often can you say of a [university] president: 'Without her, that college probably wouldn't be there at all'?" The article shows what determination, hands-on management, and faith can achieve, turning a school that was headed to extinction around. I think it is especially noteworthy that McGuire saved Trinity by recognizing that it had to reconnect with its founding purpose - helping those without access to education gain an education - but that this meant something different in the 21st century from what it meant in the late 19th century, that to preserve the tradition, the school had to change. Read the article, and be sure to share with any high school age young women you know.

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8 years 6 months ago
"She lives alone".

"Yet, publicly, she is outspoken - lashing out last May in a commencement address at the "religious vigilantism" of fellow Catholics who had tried to disrupt President Obama's speech at Notre Dame".

"McGuire earns $202,00".

No habit. No community. Are we surprised ?

Margaret Riordan
8 years 6 months ago
Thanks Michael for sharing that link. As a teacher I found it inspirational to read more about how one person's dedication and hard work can turn things around. What a difference  she has made with her energetic leadership. I found some other articles that decribed the history of the school, and it was fascinating to realise that Pat McGuire has really returned to the 'roots' of the original foundation, catering for those women who otherwise could not access education at this level.
Maria.... I live alone, am in my 50s, have no habit and no community. I am a lay person. As far as I can tell Pat McGuire is a lay president.
8 years 6 months ago
re Maria Byrd's  offensive comments.
Clearly, Ms McGuire is not a vowed religious. Hence Maria Byrd's comments are sins  of calumny. Malevolent sins against charity are a feature of so many US Catholics determined to defame their own President and any reasonable Catholics who support his overall agenda. Where were there when Bush was destroying innocent life in Iraq? The great John Paul 11 would be appalled at them!
8 years 6 months ago
It is one thing to properly admire those who have chosen a religious vocation.
It is something all together different to criticize someone who has not made that same choice. 
8 years 6 months ago

Please accept my very humble apology for what were, indeed, extremely pejorative remarks. So accustomed am I to seeing priests and nuns, without their collar or habit, in the world, living apart from community, that I made an error in judgement. The post was read late at night. I had it coming to me and I ask for your forgiveness.



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