The Starbucks Cup Controversy: Is This Really a Thing?

I don't wish to add any more fuel to this asinine fire—and lord knows these days even a good dousing with water seems only to make media flames of controversy grow higher—but have any of the hundreds of commentators who have today condemned Christians for getting angry over the red Starbucks cup over the last few days, well, actually seen or heard any actual Christians in the wild getting angry about non-Christmasy Starbucks cups?

So far, all I can turn up is one guy on YouTube—and no, I won't link to him—who has made a career out of generating such media storms going bananas-self-righteous about the red cups, and the secular media appears absolutely willing to play into his hands, piling it on. I have been treated to a score of forwarded articles and Facebook posts tsk-tsking Christians for their thin-skinniness as the annual bloviation-fest that is the "war on Christmas" begins again. Problem is, apart from the YouTube star and his apparent fans, I can't find ANY OTHER Starbucks-frenzied Christians out there.


Let's keep the sanctimonious e-mails to a minimum, secular folks, and, for our part, this holiday shopping season we Christians promise to keep Christmas our way and allow you to keep, well, whatever it is you wish to celebrate your way. I know that the refugee crisis is a much bigger deal than whether or not Starbucks likes the baby Jesus.

If I'd complain about anything related to this kerfuffle, it is the rushing of the season in the first place. Starbucks, can't you wait until after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade like civilized folk? #noChristmasUntilIWatchMiracleon34thStreet

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2 years 11 months ago
The cups have never had Jesus, Joseph and Mary, nor the Magi, a Nativity scene nor anything Christian on them. Reindeer, snow flakes, ornaments and stars say nothing about the Salvific Message of God becoming Man These people complaining need to get serious about Jesus Christ true message....not reindeers and ornaments
Beth Cioffoletti
2 years 11 months ago
I think that's Mary on the cup, with the star of Bethlehem over her head. Seriously, I know that I'm guilty here. It's good to be aware of the forces that are pushing our buttons, no matter what side of this argument you're taking. Looks to me like we are all getting sucked into the energy of outrage and righteousness - the "Internet Outrage Machine." Hopefully we will all come to our senses by the time Advent starts.
William Rydberg
2 years 11 months ago
Personally, I like the red coloured cup. It reminds me that Christmas is on the way... :) I think of Romans 14:1-23 Finally, speaking as a Canadian its kind of nice to hear anything in the press about Jesus. As I recollect, even when 911 happened, our Prime Minister (a Catholic) banned all religion from the National Service on Parliament Hill... We are very very secular here. The same Party has been newly elected, therefore I am sure there will be more to come although the new PM is also a Catholic, in my opinion... There are a lot of things that you Americans should be proud of, and one is how much you value dialogue and free speech. God bless America!


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