Sarah Palins Choice

Our political bloggers will say more later about John McCain’s surprising pick of Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska as his vice-presidential running mate. For now, one part of her biography is worth noting. Palin’s fifth child has Down’s Syndrome, which was discovered during prenatal testing. Yet Palin chose to have the baby anyway. Palin is an evangelical, but her brave decision will certainly impress Catholics, and may be one reason why McCain chose her.

Here is the original story from the Anchorage Daily News.

Tim Reidy

9 years ago
Quoting James E. O'Leary: It's a cynical choice McCain made. I know lots of parents wtih Down's Syndrome kids and they don't feel a bit sorry for themselves. Mr. O'Leary, I'm not sure why you think the Palins are inviting sympathy for their little boy. If anything, while acknowledging the challenges he may face in life, they have simply called him their beautiful baby boy. I'm Catholic and a political independent and will likely write in a third party candidate this year.(Alas, I fear what "disgust" you must hold for those of my ilk). But while I'm not a McCain partisan, I have been impressed that the Palins have not made their boy the center of attention. That others have done so (and often in a mean spirited way, calling the Palins irresponsible for bringing a Down Syndrome child into the world) speaks to their own motives--not the Palin's. In a political year cynicism comes easily, as your own post ironically demonstrates, but thank God our Faith tells us there is much more to life than politics.
9 years ago
Yes her brave decision will impress Catholics, but will it impress the staff at America?
9 years ago
Governor Sarah Palin is an excellent choice for Vice President or President for that matter. She received, a Downs Syndrome baby, her gift from God. Her decision is a true view of her spiritual strength and absolutely solid character. All children are a gift but a special needs child is an exceptional gift. I would like to hear from the pro-choice ''Catholics'' on Sarah's decision to bring this special child in to the world. Sarah sets a beautiful example of the value of life that TRUE Catholics have clearly recognize since Christ found the Catholic Church. Based on Obama's clearly stated view of children such a child would be a ''punishment''! Obama sees such an ''unplanned'' child as a punishment and Biden is adamantly pro-choice (a.k.a. pro abortion). I am waiting for individuals such as such as ''Catholic'' dogma expert, Nancy Pelosi, to attack this wonderful woman for giving birth when she could have easily killed this child. Watch for the Democrats to question and criticize such a courageous and sacred decision. All politics aside, her demonstrated value of human life is an absolutely powerful example of the solid character she has. Also note, Sarah has more executive experience than both the Democrat individuals running for office, combined.
9 years ago
It impresses this reader. I certainly wish every woman with a disabled child enjoyed the same luxuries that Sarah Palin does -- outstanding healthcare, an excellent salary, and the ability to take her child to work. Will she use her candidacy to fight for the same for all women? Sadly, I suspect not.
9 years ago
At first it was exciting to consider. However, I'm afraid this shows McCain's poor judgment and her poor judgment too. Doesn't she have prior commitments that preclude the present choice no matter how qualified she is or what her potential is? Like a young family. She just had a baby that has Down syndrome. I have a friend who had such a baby. She quit her job so she could devote full time to the baby. This was some 10 years ago and she is still devoting full time to the child. Some choices preclude further choices.
9 years ago
I don't understand why conservative Catholics believe that the keeping of a Down's Syndrome child, however selfless, qualifies a person to be the potential leader of the free world. How odd would it seem if Biden had been chosen for VP because he's a good father? Palin's pro-life stance seems to extend only to babies. She is for the death penalty, is an enemy of wildlife and the environment, is a lifetime member of the NRA and supports ending D.C.'s 32-year-old ban on handguns, and appears to have no opinion about our being in Iraq (see On The Issues -
9 years ago
As someone trying to have a baby, I think about all these things all the time. I'm Catholic; it doesn't impress me all that much. I, too, consider myself pro-life and would choose to have a baby with Down's Syndrome. It horrifies me that so many babies discovered with Down's Syndrome are aborted. It really breaks my heart and this is going to get a lot of press from both sides. In fact, I've already seen both sides spin it politically to support their positions. And while I agree she did the right thing, I don't agree with much else she stands for. Sigh. Now that McCain's made his choice, which for him was a smart one, I still cannot vote for him.
9 years ago
There are some funny Commedy Central videos on the Commonweal blog. Every Sunday we have coffee after Mass at the church(monastery) were I go. Everybody I talked to is voting for Obama and Biden. I need to add that I go to Mass in Berkeley, California.
9 years ago
Does anyone really believe that Sarah Palin ("Can anyone tell me what a vice-president does?") is even a reaonable choice to succeed John McCain, if necessary, in the most powerful position on earth at this critical point in history? Can anyone believe she would have been selected if Hillary had not so well? Will most women not see this as a cynical choice raised by the great "maverick gambler" to the highest level of risk?
9 years ago
It's a cynical choice McCain made. I know lots of parents wtih Down's Syndrome kids and they don't feel a bit sorry for themselves. The Down's Syndrome people I know are loveable, friendly and eager to please. One man with Down's Syndrome I know is a proud Eucharistic minister. I don't know what having a Down's Syndrome child has to do with governing for the common good. There is no way I will ever not be a Catholic but thanks anyway for allowing me to express my disgust at my fellow Catholics who are voting for McCain and Palin.

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